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Volvo Dynafleet now standard on 9700 and available throughtout coach range

Dynafleet – a fully integrated transport information system from Volvo – is to be fitted as standard on the Volvo 9700 Prestige Plus model as well as be available as an option across the entire Volvo bus and coach range.

Already widely used by truck operators across Europe and beyond, Volvo Dynafleet is being increasingly used by both bus and coach operators to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their fleets.

Supplied as a complete package with all the necessary hardware and software, Volvo Dynafleet enables operators to see in real-time, the current location of any number of vehicles in a fleet and to monitor a wide variety of key information.

Volvo Dynafleet has been designed to be both flexible and user friendly. A powerful hardware unit is installed inside the vehicle together with a combined GPS/GSM antenna, with access via a simple operator registration on the dedicated Dynafleet website.

After the initial installation, all administration is web based and easy to use. By using any computer connected to the Internet, the current location of any vehicle fitted with the hardware unit can be checked, together with an analysis of how much fuel they are consuming, the routes they have driven along and associated driver times. It can even plan individual service intervals.

All the information is presented in comprehensive, clear reports which can focus on entire fleets or individual drivers.Volvo Dynafleet also has the benefit of simple integration – allowing an operator to hold all relevant information on the system, reducing duplicates and paperwork.

As Volvo Dynafleet can be easily integrated with existing office packages including Microsoft Office, it makes the handling of orders, payroll administration, data manipulation and other management functions simple.

“With increasing financial and legislative pressures, EU directives concerning Drivers’ Hours and the soaring cost of fuel, the ability to take full control of fleet operations has never been more crucial,” said Ian Downie, Product Director of Volvo Bus.

He added, “Rising fuel costs has meant that fuel management has been in greater focus than ever before and it’s no surprise there has been a surge of interest in Volvo Dynafleet.”

Responding to this demand, Volvo Bus has announced that from the 2009 coach season, Volvo Dynafleet will be fitted as standard on the Volvo 9700 Prestige Plus and available as an option across the rest of the Volvo bus and coach product ranges. There will be a choice of two different packages to suit individual operational needs.

Dynafleet Perform provides detailed information about each driver and vehicles’ performance, which leads to easy follow up and optimization of the vehicle fleet, giving you better control over fuel consumption, driver times and service planning. Whilst Dynafleet Perform & Locate gives you everything that Dynafleet Perform offers, along with the addition of Vehicle locator, which enables a clear overview of the vehicle fleet’s positioning and tracking for the office. The maps are detailed down to street level.

“Dynafleet was a particular factor in our decision to buy Volvo,” commented Kathy Tilbury, Managing Director of Excelsior Coaches of Bournemouth.

 “Being able to access real-time vehicle data, such as a vehicle’s location, fuel consumption, vehicle idling, as well as being able to monitor and influence driving style, helps us to manage our fleet and operation more efficiently and effectively. Dynafleet clearly demonstrates the integral role technology can now play in passenger transport operations.”

“The introduction of Dynafleet as standard on the Volvo 9700 coach and the availability of the system as an option across our product range is a significant development for Volvo bus and coach operators.” said Ian Downie.

“As a Volvo branded and fully supported product, proven in many different type of operations with the ability to be installed in non-Volvo vehicles too, Dynafleet gives operators of one or several hundred vehicles the ability to increasing efficiency and reduce costs, with a postive impact on the bottom line.”     


4 November 2008

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