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Volvo secures order for 90 buses for New York City

Volvo Buses’ subsidiary in North America, Nova Bus, has secured an order for 90 articulated buses for New York City. The buses will be assembled at the new plant in Plattsburgh, US, which was opened on Monday.
Serving the five boroughs of New York City, MTA New York City Transit owns and operates a fleet of over 4,500 buses – the largest bus fleet of any public agency in North America. NYC Transit’s fleet operates on 249 local and express routes, serving approximately 2.3 million passengers on an average weekday.
Their order follows a successful six-week in-revenue service run of a Nova LFS Artic bus on the Bx12 route in the Bronx and the M15 route in Manhattan.
In recent years, Nova Bus has sold city buses only in Canada. In order to sell city buses in the US – buses that are partially financed by tax funds – the US authorities require that part of the buses be manufactured in the US.
Nova Bus has manufactured buses only in Canada in past years, but now a new plant is ready in the northern part of New York state in the US. The inauguration ceremony for the plant was held on Monday and the first bus will be rolled out at the end of June. The articulated buses for New York City Transit will be assembled there, with delivery scheduled for the first half of 2010. Nova Bus will also assemble its 12-meter diesel bus and its hybrid bus at the Plattsburgh plant.

June 17, 2009

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