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Chennai, India, orders 100 Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses’ successes continue in India. The company has now secured an order for an additional 155 buses. Of the total, 100 city buses are headed for one of India’s largest cities, Chennai, and 15 city buses will go to the state of Haryana in the northern part of the country.

Despite the recession, Volvo Buses in India has managed to significantly increase its sales for the current year. In 2009, the company will deliver slightly more than 600 buses, up 50% compared with 2008. The bus plant in Bangalore is operating at full capacity.

“Until recently, Volvo Buses was best known as an innovative supplier of modern buses for long-haul traffic. Today, the company is also undoubtedly one of the principal suppliers of buses that are redefining traffic in Indian cities,” says Akash Passey, Managing Director of Volvo Buses India.

Urbanization continues in India and rescuing the country’s cities from traffic jams will require major investments in the modernization of the traffic system and convincing people to take public transportation instead of cars and two-wheelers. The Indian Government is investing greatly in modernizing its cities, and subsidies for purchasing modern buses are part of that investment.

“Bangalore was the first city to realize that it is possible to convince people to take a bus if, like Volvo’s buses, they are comfortable, air-conditioned and safe,” says Akash Passey. “Subsequently, an increasing number of Indian cities have discovered the advantages of our vehicles and twelve cities have decided to purchase Volvo buses to date.”

The most recent addition is Chennai, India’s fourth largest city, which has placed an order for 100 Volvo 8400 city buses. Volvo Buses has also secured an order for 15 city buses from the state of Haryana, just north of New Dehli in Northern India.

“It is very encouraging that an increasing number of cities are now realizing the advantages of Volvo’s city buses. India is one of the world’s largest city-bus markets and we foresee major opportunities ahead,” says Akash Passey.

Volvo Buses’ successes in India began in 2 with the launch of the long-haul buses that placed Volvo’s brand on the Indian map. Sales of these buses continue to increase. The company has recently secured orders from various private operators for an additional 40 Volvo 9400, of the two-axle and new three-axle variety.

The buses are being manufactured at Volvo Buses’ plant in Bangalore and deliveries will be made throughout 2009 and into 2010.

September 16, 2009
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