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GA Smith Coaches keep Volvo in the family with new B9R

Loyal Volvo customer GA Smith Coaches Ltd of Tring, Hertfordshire have continued their 30 year relationship with Volvo by taking delivery of a 13 metre Volvo B9R with Sunsundegei bodywork.

Volvo’s B9R combines the driving qualities of the B12B and B12M with the lightweight characteristics of the Volvo B7R.

The vehicle is specified with Volvo’s I-Shift gearbox and VEB, enabling the driver to change gears effortlessly whilst maintaining excellent fuel consumption, ride quality and passenger comfort.

With a seating capacity of 55 and 9 litre rear mounted engine, the B9R meets the highest standards, ensuring that GA Smith provide a first class service across an extensive variety of contracts.

“We’ve been Volvo for a long time” explained John Smith, managing director for GA Smith. “My father always believed in Volvo and I’ve maintained the family tradition. We’ve already got B12s, B10s and B7s and it was about time we added a B9 to the family!

“Volvo have always suited our needs. We were very impressed with the five day coach demonstration organised by Volvo; we liked the body of the B9 and its bright, easy-to-clean interiors. It’s appealing to the eye and the capacity of the vehicle with its centre toilet facilities meets all our customer demands.”

John also praised Volvo’s expertise and customer service. “Volvo at Loughborough has a really good paint shop. You can always rely on the quality paint finish of the coach.”

The B9R, which has a red and cream livery with a distinctive boomerang motif, began service the day after delivery and joins the company’s existing fleet of 9 vehicles. The new purchase is expected to cater for a range of services including school contracts, holiday tours and theatre trips.      

Volvo’s Regional Sales Manager, Jo Standbridge commented, “It’s always encouraging when we have customers who keep coming back to Volvo. It highlights the quality of the products we supply and our high level of customer care. The five day demonstration of the B9 ensured that GA Smith purchased a vehicle that was exactly right for them”.


Photo caption: GA Smith Coaches keep Volvo in the family with new B9R