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Order for 177 Volvo coaches in Brazil

Volvo Buses has received an order for 177 coach chassis for the JCA Group. This is one of Brazil’s largest passenger transport companies, with more than 3,000 buses and coaches in its fleet.
The order pertains to the Volvo B9R chassis, which is manufactured in Volvo’s plant in Curitiba, Brazil, and is scheduled for delivery in 2011. The coach bodies will be built by Marco Polo. The coaches will be used for scheduled traffic in various regions in Brazil, by three different bus operators within the JCA Group: Auto Viação 1001, Auto Viação Catarinense and Opção Turismo.

“The renewal of the fleet, with Volvo coaches, by an operator that is a national reference for the segment is a reflection of its confidence in the brand’s vehicles. Our vehicles are known for their high level of technology, comfort and transport capacity, as well as low fuel consumption,” states José Luis Gonçalves, Coach Manager at Volvo Bus Latin America.

Due to its concern with passenger safety, the JCA Group requested that all coaches be equipped with the ESP system (Electronic Stability Program). ESP is an advanced safety device with sensors that monitor the vehicle’s lateral acceleration and which, if necessary, automatically applies the brakes to prevent roll-over accidents or driving off the road.

“The strength of Volvo coaches, in addition to the safety features, lies in their high degree of reliability and availability, combined with low operating cost,” states Heinz Kumm Junior, Executive Director of Auto Viação 1001.