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20 new Volvo hybrid buses for London

Volvo Buses has officially handed over 20 Volvo B5L hybrid Double Deck buses to Arriva London. The new vehicles mark another significant investment in the support of green friendly transportation by Arriva and Transport for London.
Poised to enter service on a number of Arriva’s key Transport for London routes, the Volvo B5L hybrid were officially handed over to Arriva London Managing Director, Bob Scowen and London Buses, Operations Director, Mike Weston by Volvo Bus Sales Director, Phil Owen and Sam McLaren, Commercial Director, The Wright Group.

Commenting on the new Volvo hybrid Double Deck vehicles Arriva Managing Director, Bob Scowen, said “It’s great to see the new technology being introduced into the Arriva fleet”. He also explained that, “initial feedback from drivers and passengers has been positive”.

Volvo’s hybrid bus is a parallel hybrid, where a smaller diesel engine and an electric engine can be operated independently or jointly. The electric engine operates on a battery that is charged by recycling the brake energy.

“By recycling the brake energy in the buses, we are able to significantly reduce fuel consumption and thus also energy consumption and emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide,” says Volvo Buses’ Environmental Manager, Edward Jobson. “We have noted that the reduction generated by the hybrid buses in operation could be as much as 35%.”

A major advantage is that the diesel engine switches off at bus stops and the bus starts again using only the electric engine. This creates a quiet and exhaust-free environment at bus stops.

“Arriva knew the high specification of vehicle they required for their London operations,” commented Phil Owen, Volvo Bus Sales Director, “The B5L not only meets all green standards and is therefore supported by the Green Bus Fund, but has the added incentive of the high quality Wright Group bodywork, meaning it looks great as well”.