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Coach Services turn to Volvo Bus

Coach Services Limited of Thetford in Norfork has recently purchased their first ever Volvo B7RLE with Wrightbus Eclipse 2 bodywork for use on various local bus contract routes.

This new purchase marks a major shift in focus for the well-established, 62 year old company, that employs over 35 drivers and 5 engineers to provide bus services across 7 main routes in the local region, as well as school contracts.

"This is our first Volvo Wrights,” explained Coach Services Operations Manager Thomas Crawford. “We have previously purchased other combinations, but the deal offered by Volvo was simply fantastic. Another benefit is that the vehicle is fully seat belted, which is important to us, as it means that it could operate on our local school contracts".
Coach Services Ltd operates a 38 vehicle fleet, dominated by Volvo and Scania, comprising executive coaches and low floor service buses. Their new Volvo B7RLE will prove a welcome addition to a fleet currently dominated by other manufacturers.

The Volvo B7RLE has a robust and dependable construction which ensures considerable operating reliability with the added bonus of a low entry, allowing passengers to swiftly enter and exit the vehicle with minimum disruption and maximised safety.

With a lightweight rigid frame and front beam axle the B7RLE offers excellent stability and a good turning radius. The Wrightbus bodywork also provides a stylish exterior and finish ensuring Coach Services has a vehicle that not only performs well, but that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Specified with the rear mounted Volvo D7E engine and ZF fully automated 6-speed gearbox, the six-cylinder diesel vehicle meets Euro 4 incentive standards and has extremely low fuel emissions, meaning it is economic as well as reliable.

Coach Services new Volvo B7RLE is also fully compliant with DDA access standards and features safety rails throughout. The bus is finished in the white and red Coach Services livery with logo emblazoned across the side.

Establishing a deal with Coach Services Ltd was of particular significance to Volvo Bus Regional Commercial Manager, Arthur Argyle. “I’ve been looking for an opportunity at Coach Services for some time, to show them the quality of vehicles we produce here at Volvo Bus,” he explained. “We managed to do a deal on the B7RLE and I’m delighted to get our foot in the door. Hopefully they will really see the quality and consistency of the vehicle and potentially come back to Volvo for more”.


14 February 2011

Caption for image: Coach Services Limited of Thetford in Norfork has recently purchased their first ever Volvo B7RLE with Wrightbus Eclipse 2 bodywork