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Volvo and Veolia Transdev signs framework agreement

Volvo Buses and Veolia Transdev have signed a two-year framework agreement for the delivery of Volvo buses. It is the first framework agreement that Veolia Transdev has signed with a bus manufacturer under its new corporate form.
Veolia Transdev is one of the world’s largest companies in the public transport, with 119,000 employees in 28 countries. The company was formed in March this year through the merging of Veolia Transport and Transdev.

“We have previously signed framework agreements with Veolia Transport, with excellent outcome,” says Bas Dubois, Key Account Manager at Volvo Buses. “Consequently, it is gratifying that we have now signed a new framework agreement with Veolia Transdev as well.”

The new agreement applies to Veolia Transdev’s operations in Europe in the coming two years. The agreement will govern various commitments such as delivery schedules, guarantee regulations and commercial terms and conditions.

“It will be beneficial for Veolia Transdev to purchase from us in different countries, on general terms and conditions,” says Bas Dubois. “The advantage for us at Volvo Buses is that we are included among possible suppliers and in the event of a contract, we already agree on a number of key issues.”

“However, we must obviously continue to deliver high-quality vehicles with low lifecycle costs in order to secure orders from Veolia Transdev.”

The new framework agreement was signed during a ceremony at the Busworld trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. The agreement was signed by Veolia Transdev’s Chief Procurement Officer, Jean-Luc Prache and Volvo Buses’ Senior Vice President Europe, Noel Reculet.