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UK First Volvo MCV buses ordered by Golden Tours

Nine new Volvo B9TL double deck buses, including six open top variants, have been ordered by London based operator Golden Tours. The new vehicles are the first Volvo B9TLs ordered with all new MCV double deck bodywork in the UK and Ireland.

“We have a requirement for some additional double deck buses for our London operations and we have ordered three,” explained Golden Tours Managing Director, Nick Palan. “Further to this we have also ordered six open top Volvo buses specifically for our sightseeing tours.”

“Volvo Bus Regional Sales Manager, Phil Fletcher was very thorough,” continued Nick Palan. “We’ve worked with Volvo in the past and they were informative and helpful with the order of these latest buses.”

Golden Tours’ new two axle B9TL double deck buses are to be specified with a 9.4 litre D9B diesel engine, capable of 260hp. The powerful engine provides instant response to the throttle, controllable acceleration and excellent low-rev lugging ability.

“This order is particularly pleasing on quite a number of fronts,” explained Phil Fletcher. “Firstly it’s obviously a significant order of nine vehicles from an operator we have an excellent relationship with.

“Secondly these vehicles are the very first MCV double decks ordered into the UK market and thirdly we will also be delivering six open top bus variants as part of the order, which demonstrates Volvo’s capability to provide a completely different type of vehicle.”

“We look forward to completing the delivery of these vehicles in 2013 and continuing our successful working relationship with Golden Tours in the future, concluded Phil Fletcher.


6 December 2012

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