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Coatham Coaches celebrate 30th anniversary with first new full sized Volvo B9R

Family owned tour operator Coatham Coaches have celebrated their 30th anniversary with the purchase of their first ever new full sized Volvo B9R coach.

The Guisborough based company have specified Volvo vehicles in the past, but this new B9R with Sunsundegui bodywork is their first full sized completely new specification vehicle and it has already entered active service on the company’s UK daytrip tour services.

“This year marks 30 years since my father Michael Hodgson established Coatham Coaches,” explained General Manager, Mark Hodgson. “It was important that we marked this milestone and what better way than to invest in our first new full sized Volvo coach.

“The vehicle promises to be fuel efficient and reliable and they’re both factors of the utmost importance to us as an operator. It will be used on our corporate private hire, tours and our busy day trip programme, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs on the road and what our passengers think of it. We’re certainly very pleased so far.”

“We also have a great relationship with our local Volvo dealership in the North East in Stockton,” continued Mark Hodgson, “which gives us the confidence and reassurance that our new product will be looked after and maintained correctly.”

Coatham Coaches’ new B9R has moquette finished passenger seating with leather headrests. It has been initially specified in white and features a 9.4 litre diesel engine capable of 380hp, connected to the proven Volvo I-Shift gearbox.

The vehicle has two TV monitors, CD/DVD player and sound system, whilst an onboard reversing camera provides an added aid for the driver during difficult manoeuvres. It also features 49/53 passenger seats with leather trim.

“Coatham Coaches really liked the B9R,” explained Volvo Bus Regional Coach Sales Manager, Duncan Crosby. “Not only is it a Volvo chassis which they know and trust, but it has stylish Sunsundegui body to give it a high class finish.

“We’re delighted that Coatham Coaches decided to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a new Volvo vehicle. We look forward to continuing to work with them over the next 30 years to meet their ongoing transport requirements.”


19th  December 2012

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Coatham Coaches celebrate 30th anniversary with first new full sized Volvo B9R