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Volvo launch the new Sunsundegui SC7 body at Euro Bus Expo on B11R

Visitors to the Volvo Bus stand at this year’s Euro Bus Expo show in Birmingham are presented with an opportunity to get a first glimpse of the eye-catching new Sunsundegui SC7 body option.

Featured on Volvo’s new B11R 13 metre coach, the SC7 is Sunsundegui’s latest creation, combining aesthetic and ergonomic design features with the very latest safety features for both passengers and driver.

Volvo Bus UK began their successful partnership with Sunsundegui in 1999 with the distinctive Sideral body and have for the last 13 years worked together to produce vehicles of the highest safety standard with a distinctive and dynamic finish. The partnership between Volvo Bus and Sunsundegui extends across several European Markets.

The aerodynamic design of SC7 and the fairing of the air conditioning unit also provide reduced fuel consumption for the vehicle as a whole. It also promotes speedier maintenance thanks to easy access to front and rear headlights, swing out light units, spare wheel and the rear engine, thanks to a large one-piece cover.

The new body features a specially reinforced front structure providing added protection to the drivers area. In addition a reinforced passenger area with crumple panels, affords greater protection in the case of impact.

Stylish new mirrors are flush fitted and are designed to minimise damage in low speed impacts, the mirrors do not protrude beyond the line of the bumper.

State-of-the-art door design with a simpler control complements the styling of the rest of the vehicle providing more interior space and an aerodynamic external look. Passengers enjoy excellent visibility and greater comfort thanks to the panoramic and heat reflective windscreen, offering perfect touring coach characteristics.

Four low steps at the wider front entrance provide easy access, especially for the elderly and people with reduced mobility. While the new flush-fitting front access hatches provides greater thermal and acoustic insulation as well as being easier to clean.

The light and airy interior design with attractive, easy to clean upholstery, the LCD screens and LED illumination in the interior all add to the enhanced finish.

The drivers’ compartment’s more spacious area in the new body allows for a greater range of seat adjustment for enhanced driver comfort.

“We have worked in partnership with Sunsundegui to launch their new SC7 bodywork on our new B11R premium coach,” explained Volvo Coach Director, Nick Page. “Euro Bus Expo 2012 gives customers and operators the opportunity to see the complete product for the first time.

“The SC7 bodywork complements what is a fantastic new coach product to add to our already impressive range,” he concluded.


06 November 2012

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