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Sunsundegui body option proving popular with Volvo customers

The Sunsundegui body option is proving a popular selection for Volvo Bus coach customers in 2013.

Volvo Bus and Sunsundegui have traditionally had a strong coach building partnership and that has been further emphasised by the popularity of the option in recent times.

Three Star Coaches, Cropley Coaches and KB Coaches are all recent recipients of Volvo vehicles specified with Sunsundegui bodywork. Omega Coaches have also taken delivery of a new B11R with the stunning SC7 bodywork. 

“The new SC7 bodywork perfectly complements our fantastic B11R coach product,” explained Coach Sales Manager, James Hyde. “We’ve seen a lot of interest in this vehicle combination from many of our key operators – they are impressed with the eye catching and aerodynamic design.

“But I have to stress it is not just the new SC7 option that operators are buying,” continued James Hyde. “We’ve had a long relationship with Sunsundegui and people know the combination so are always keen to choose it, whether they are purchasing a compact B7R, a mid-range B9R or the larger B11R.”

Volvo Bus UK began their successful partnership with Sunsundegui in 1999 with the stylish Sideral body and have for the last 14 years worked together to produce vehicles of the highest safety standard with a distinctive and dynamic finish. The partnership between Volvo Bus and Sunsundegui also extends across several European Markets.

Euro Bus Expo 2012 saw the launch of the 13 metre B11R chassis from Volvo Bus, which amongst other body options, supports the new Sunsundegui SC7 bodywork. 

SC7 combines aesthetic and ergonomic design elements with the very latest safety features for both passengers and driver. Its aerodynamic shape and the fairing of the air conditioning unit provide added benefits, such as reduced fuel consumption for the vehicle as a whole. This has been proven in service with excellent, market leading fuel consumption results over different operations.

It’s not just in the UK where the Volvo Sunsundegui combination is proving popular. Volvo Bus importer, Mayer´s Cars & Trucks placed an order to build 90 coaches SC7 on B11R 4x2 for use in Israel. The deliveries are expected from June 2013 to April 2014.

There are already more than 20 units sold to Israelian and Palestinian coach operators. Around 2/3 of the total will be in 12 months, which demonstrates how well the new B11R-SC7 combination has been accepted in that market.

Volvo Bus is working in partnership with Sunsundegui for the development of the Euro 6 chassis B11R 4x2, 6x2 and B8R on the SC7 range.

Volvo Bus Managing Director, Nick Page commented, “We work with a number of key bodybuilders across our vehicle range and the Sunsundegui has always been popular with our customers. The partnership has been successful right across Europe and we’re no different here in the UK and Ireland, as recent orders have highlighted.”


18 July 2013