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On the Frontline in North of England & Scotland

Volvo Bus has announced a new dedicated North and Scotland Frontline support team to help ensure that operators keep their vehicles where they belong – on the road.

For all bus or coach diagnostics or repairs there is a dedicated and localised Frontline Technician ready to help.


There are now seven specialised Volvo Frontline Technicians for the region; Brian Folan (Aberdeen), Mark Gilfeather (Perth), Stephen Carlyle (Glasgow East), Ian Johnstone (Glasgow East), David Livingstone (Edinburgh), Keith Leonard (Washington) and Joe Anderson (Glasgow West).


Equipped with the latest Volvo Techtool computer software, each Frontline Technician has the advanced equipment to help diagnose all Volvo Bus and Coach fault codes. This includes any mechanical or electrical malfunction including engine management system, gearbox, air suspension, EBS brakes, air conditioning and other fault codes.


“It’s not always possible to know when an operator may need Frontline assistance and support,” explains Ian Wallace, Volvo Bus Aftermarket Service Manager – UK and Ireland. “Strengthening our North and Scotland team with the addition of these highly trained Frontline Technicians means that vital support can now be mobilised to go to the operator, rather than them having to come to us.”


Volvo North and Scotland Regional Marketing Manager, Martin Merrick explained, “During customer forums held in 2011, the feedback from our bus and coach customers was that they were concerned with downtime, relating to diagnostics and the introduction of Euro 6 technology.


“As a direct result, we decided to create a new service whereby our customers could contact Mobile Frontline Technicians directly, who would then plan a visit to the customer premises and resolve any issues in the shortest possible timeframe – maximising uptime.” 







For further information or to book a visit call Volvo Truck and Bus Centre Washington on 0191 415 1111 quoting Frontline Assistance.






22 July 2013


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There are now seven specialised Frontline Technicians for Volvo North and Scotland