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Windmill powered by perfect Volvo Sunsundegui team

Charity organisation Windmill Community Transport have taken delivery of a new Volvo B11R coach with newly launched Sunsundegui SC7 bodywork to support their unique service offering.

Volvo’s long-term partnership with Sunsundegui and the ability to meet very specific vehicle requirements were vital factors in securing the Windmill Community Transport business.

“We are a charity organisation and our passenger requirements are really quite specific,” explained Windmill Community Transport’s Graham Fox. “We’re obviously well aware of the superb quality and reliability we get with the Volvo chassis and Sunsundegui were absolutely brilliant meeting our body requirements. Together they are the perfect combination for us.”

Volvo’s B11R is equipped with the 11-litre diesel engine connected to the Volvo I-Shift gearbox. It provides first-class driveability, exceptional torque and outstanding fuel efficiency.

The majority of Windmill Community Transport’s work is with private charters and holiday groups. Run by a team committed volunteers, the company ensure accessible and fully inclusive travel solutions for all passengers, including those with disabilities.

Fitted with a rear wheelchair lift and a half flat saloon interior, added accessibility was one of Windmill Community Transport’s fundamental requirements. The vehicle is specified with 48 full executive specification seats, but the seating can be easily adjusted to 36 seats to allow for four wheelchair specific seats. The new vehicle also carries oxygen onboard to ensure every eventuality, in terms of customers care and safety, is planned for.

“We’d like to specifically thank Volvo Bus Coach Sales Manager (UK & Ireland), James Hyde and Alex Irizar from Sunsundegui for meeting our requirements when other manufacturers didn’t want to listen,” continued Graham Fox. “Not only that, but the B11R is going to offer us overall weight savings and therefore reduce our fuel consumption, which for a charity organisation such as ourselves, is vitally important.”

“Windmill Community Transport have specified Volvo previously,” explained James Hyde. “They ran our B12 model and were ready for an upgrade. They were very impressed with the performance and the fuel savings associated with our B11R chassis. Sunsundegui were also able to meet their specific body requirement with their SC7 solution. The completed vehicle will undoubtedly be a real asset to the company.”


22 November 2013

Caption for image:
Windmill Community Transport have taken delivery of a new Volvo B11R coach with newly launched Sunsundegui SC7 bodywork