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New Volvo coach range presented at Coach & Bus Live

Developed specifically to meet the exacting demands of Euro 6, Volvo’s new streamlined coach range will be highlighted and promoted at this year’s Coach & Bus Live Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.

Taking the opportunity to streamline its product line-up at Euro 6, the new Volvo Bus coach range is based on a dual chassis approach, incorporating the B11R and B8R Volvo platforms. The move is designed to provide even better performance and parts commonality across the product portfolio for its customers in the UK and Irish markets.

All Volvo Euro 6 coaches provide reduced fuel consumption, improved performance, as well as exciting refinements to the support package.

Featured on stand at the show is the Volvo 9700 luxury coach. The vehicle is a complete Volvo product built on the B11R chassis and provides a first-class experience for drivers and passengers alike. With a new look for Euro 6, the 9700 continues to be unmistakable and brings all the benefits associated with the Volvo complete coach approach.

The new 9700 is available in a range of formats. It can be specified on a 49/51 seat 2 axle 12.3 metre chassis, a 53/55 seat 3 axle 13 metre chassis or a slightly larger 57/59 seat 3 axle 13.8 metre chassis.

Volvo’s new Euro 6 D11K engine, available at 430 or 460hp ratings, is a vertical rear mounted engine and is more fuel efficient than its predecessors. Fuel consumption has been reduced, while maintaining power output and torque. The engine is matched to the Volvo 12-speed I-Shift transmission with integral retarder, which is optimised for coach touring and provides smooth gear changes for a superior ride experience. 

The engine emission control uses both Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to comply with all of the latest standards set out by Euro 6 legislation.

Proven Volvo technology and extremely durable mechanical design ensure reliability, long service intervals and help Volvo deliver maximum uptime to operators. Additional support is supplied by Volvo services such as Fleet Management and Service Contracts. Depending upon operator requirements Service Contracts are available on Volvo European Blue or a Volvo Gold Contract.

Safety is synonymous with Volvo and every new Euro 6 Volvo coach has crucial safety features built in, such as the electronically controlled brakes and electronic stability programme, which detects loss of traction to minimise the risk of skidding.

Several structural features provide added protection. Front underrun protects other road users, front impact protection especially protects the driver and even the reversing camera is standard. An Alcolock option also provides enhanced safety.

It’s not just the mechanical technology that has been refined. The new range of superior comfort seats, with three point safety belts, feature advanced ergonomic design to ensure passengers enjoy a smooth, safe and pleasant ride in the Volvo 9700.

Launched last year, Volvo’s B11R chassis provides both power and capacity for operators and its new highly fuel efficient Euro 6 engine will cut operational costs still further.

With the B11R as a base, operators can build a coach to their specific needs and requirements. Available with power ratings of 380 or 430hp, beam or independent front suspension and bodystyles from bodybuilders such as Plaxton, Jonckheere and Sunsundegui, the B11R provides a new level of versatility and choice at Euro 6.

The smallest coach in Volvo’s new streamlined Euro 6 coach range is the 53 seat Plaxton bodied B8R. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of intercity and commuter operations. Highly versatile and productive, the vehicle helps to reduce operating costs.

Featuring an extremely fuel efficient 8-litre Euro 6 engine, the B8R further develops the strong reputation of its 7-litre predecessor. Volvo’s high quality ensures superior functionality, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

The functional design of the B8R chassis naturally extends to the drivers environment. The new instrument cluster is designed to display only the most relevant information, minimising distraction, helping the driver to stay focused, alert and ultimately safer.

“Our refined new coach range for Euro 6 offers unprecedented commonality and efficiency,” explained Product and Coach Sales Director, Ian Downie. “We are not only building fuel efficient vehicles, designed to save operators money over the lifecycle of a vehicle, but we are also offering added services such as Volvo Fleet Management, to provide further operational benefits.

“We understand that as well as meeting Euro 6 legislation, operators want every minute and every mile on the road to count. Our new refined coach line-up is designed to provide maximum uptime across the range.”



2 October 2013