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Extensive development paves way for Volvo’s new Euro 6 B5TL double deck bus

Three years of extensive research and development leading up to Euro 6 has culminated with the introduction of the new generation B5TL double deck bus from Volvo Bus.

Every aspect of Volvo’s diesel powered double deck has been revisited to deliver the most competitive overall vehicle package at Euro 6. Thanks to an extremely close collaboration with bodybuilding partner, Wrightbus, the new B5TL features a gross weight saving of at least 1,000kg resulting in an increased capacity to 95 passengers.

Reduced ongoing maintenance costs, dramatically lower air quality emissions and a markedly improved fuel saving all add further substance when integrated with the new aesthetically pleasing Wrightbus Gemini 2 bodywork.

Consulting with a range of fleet operators, the Volvo design team have addressed a number of operational points, which is set to make the new double deck even more productive.

Despite switching to a smaller 5-litre engine, compared to the Euro 5 B9TL diesel double deck model, the new vehicle loses nothing in terms of performance.

The chassis alterations have resulted in a weight reduction of around 300kg, with a full 700kg having been saved through new innovations and bodybuilding improvements. The overall weight saving is one of the fundamental factors in helping to deliver greater fuel consumption and improved passenger capacity for the new vehicle.

The new engine is a D5K 4 cylinder 5.1 litre Euro 6 engine, rated at 240hp at 1900rpm, with a maximum torque of 918Nm at 1200-1600rpm, in combination with a new specially adapted variant of the ZF Ecolife transmission.

New emission levels comply with all of the latest standards set out by Euro 6 legislation and emission control is actively managed using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology.

Volvo’s Exhaust Aftertreatment System (EATS) includes a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) with automatic regeneration, which does not interfere with the operation of the new bus whilst in service.

Volvo Bus has designed the B5TL specifically with added features that provide an estimated 10% reduction in maintenance costs over a 5 year period.

Fitted with a single fuel tank, the B5TL actually has two separate variants with a choice between 205 and 250 litres. The difference is achieved by a simple change of filler neck.

Electro-hydraulic power steering has been standardised across all Volvo Euro 6 city buses, including the new B5TL. The power assistance is hydraulic, but the pump is driven by an electric motor. As well as being more efficient, there is now no need for hydraulic pipes to run the length of the vehicle and more importantly, there is no hydraulic pump required on the engine, thus there is no hydraulic oil in the engine compartment.

Access to all key componentry has been reconsidered to make ongoing maintenance requirements simpler. The main wiring harnesses throughout the vehicle have been upgraded, to ensure the wires stay in place. In addition the Engine ECU has been repositioned, separated from the engine to provide greater protection.

Another innovative and potentially timesaving addition to the B5TL is the Oilmaster automatic engine top-up unit. This is a clever overfill preventative device, which aims to make life easier for operators.

The driver is further assisted by a new dashboard and instrument cluster, making key service features much easier to identify while the vehicle is in operation.

Passengers have also been carefully considered during the new vehicle’s development. Not only will the new vehicle allow up to ten more passengers than its predecessor, but noise emissions have been dramatically reduced, especially inside. This is due to a new design of encapsulation and featuring noise absorption material.

“We have a duty to develop our vehicles to meet the new emissions standard, but we saw this as an opportunity to go beyond Euro 6 and develop a new generation of double deck bus,” explained Volvo Bus Sales Director, Phil Owen. “The new vehicle is the product of a close collaboration with not only our bodybuilding partners at Wrightbus, but with our customers too. The result is a truly exciting new bus – better than any bus we have ever produced before.”
“Combined with our new Euro 6 support package, which includes one year Fleet Management and two annual inspections, there really is a fantastic incentive on the table for operators to specify Volvo Bus as they upgrade and renew their existing fleets.”


2 October 2013