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Volvo Bus Aftermarket – ready to support at Euro 6

“Helping operators achieve consistently high vehicle uptime is one of the fundamental goals for the Volvo Bus Aftermarket team, and the introduction of the new Euro 6 product range is no exception to this,” according to Andy Kunze, Volvo Bus Aftermarket Director.

Adding Euro 6 has meant the deployment of both Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technologies, with implications for vehicle servicing routines.

“The best way for operators to ensure that their new Volvo Euro 6 vehicles remain truly cost-effective is to keep them on the road by maintaining them with Genuine Volvo Parts and Services,” explained Andy Kunze. 

“Whatever the configuration, whether it’s new Euro 6, coach, bus or hybrid bus, Volvo Aftermarket support has the knowledge, expertise and support infrastructure to maximise operator vehicle uptime,” continued Andy Kunze.

“Whilst clearly our current focus is the development of our Euro 6 Aftermarket support, we will obviously continue to support all Volvo models and variants. Our services have been particularly popular in recent times for operators investing in our B5LH and 7900H hybrid bus products and we fully expect that to continue forward into Euro 6.

Genuine Volvo Parts provide reassurance to operators that only high quality Volvo parts will be fitted to their vehicle when it is maintained by the Volvo Aftermarket team. Together with a service carried out by highly trained Volvo technicians.

Volvo Fitted-Price ensures what is originally quoted upfront to operators is the price they pay, with no hidden extras and with a two year warranty on parts and labour.

Other current successful Volvo Aftermarket initiatives are also seamlessly carried forward to Euro 6, such as the popular TechTool check-up, designed to help keep operators’ vehicles on the road and save them money in the long-term.

TechTool and Volvo Action Service – Volvo’s 24/7 support and recovery service, are key services being successfully operated out of the 93 strategically placed dealerships in the UK and Ireland.

With the launch of the new Euro 6 product range, dealers and Frontline Technicians will play a crucial role in providing support and peace of mind to operators.

“The 93 UK and Ireland dealers are crucial to delivering our industry leading Aftermarket support and strong relationships exist between our network of dealers and our operators,” continued Andy Kunze. “We are continually building on the vital support they can provide.

“Whilst Euro 6 is a key focus, customers with vehicles from earlier model ranges will continue to receive the same levels of service and support.

“This last year has seen us acquire a substantial number of new customers to the Aftermarket business,” he continued. “In addition, we continue to retain many loyal repeat business operators.
We are fully committed to continuing to develop and implement our services designed to support all loyal customers across our markets as we move forward into Euro 6.”


2 October 2013