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Swindon Town Football Club running Barnes Coaches’ Volvo B13R

Swindon Town Football Club are now travelling in Barnes Coaches’ new Volvo B13R 14 metre coach for their ongoing Official first team travel requirements.

League One outfit Swindon Town had exacting quality and reliabity requirements for their first team coach to ensure their professional players have the best possible preparation for each and every league game they travel to.

Barnes Coaches, also based in Swindon, are long-term supporters of Swindon Town FC. “As a local operator our connection with the Football Club is a strong one and I’m a fan of the team myself,” explained Luke Barnes.

“We had the opportunity to purchase a fantastic new Volvo B13R 14 metre tri-axle coach with Jonckheere SHV bodywork for use on the club’s match day travel,” he continued. “Naturally given the requirements for quality and reliability we looked to Volvo Bus.

“The vehicles supplied to us in the past by Volvo Bus have proved economic on fuel, which is a huge positive for us and that has undoubtedly played a part in our decision to specify Volvo once more,” he added.

“Obviously we’ve had to make some modifications to the interior of the coach to make it more specifically tailored for work in the professional sports industry, but we’re absolutely delighted with it, as are Swindon Town.”

Barnes Coaches new vehicle features 41 full leather passenger seats, most in forward facing orientation, however the vehicle also has six tables with rear orientated seats. The coach also features a centre demountable toilet and servery. It has satellite television capability on six separate TV screens, docking stations, a reversing camera and onboard medical table.

Fitted with a rear-mounted 13-litre Volvo diesel engine, capable of achieving 460hp and incorporating the Volvo I-Shift 12-speed fully automated mechanical gearbox, the new vehicle is perfectly suited to long-distance travel, such as that undertaken by a professional sports team.
“This was quite a specific request from Barnes Coaches,” explained Richard Mann. “They needed a large, reliable, long-distance coach that could meet the exacting requirements of their client Swindon Town Football Club. Their new coach is now in full operation ensuring the team travels in comfort and style. We look forward to working with Barnes Coaches again in the future.”


25 October 2013

Caption for image:
A new Volvo B13R is operating for Barnes Coaches on their contract with Swindon Town FC.