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Marshalls Coaches enjoys reliability and large passenger capacity with Volvo B9R coach

A Volvo B9R coach is bringing simplified maintenance advantages to Marshalls Coaches based near Milton Keynes, UK.

Marshalls Coaches, a provider of coach hire to schools, businesses and individuals based in Leighton Buzzard near Milton Keynes and Luton, UK, took delivery of its pre-owned B9R coach with Jonckheere bodywork in March 2014.

Glen Marshall, Partner at Marshalls Coaches, explains: “We opted for the B9R because it has a very neat chassis, offers low mileage and overall it is a great vehicle. Also the local Volvo dealership in Milton Keynes provides excellent technical support, and the price was competitive.”

The newly acquired Volvo B9R has been added as an executive coach to Marshalls Coaches’ fleet of around 40 vehicles, 20 of which are Volvo. The B9R coach will be used for commuter services, tours and some corporate hire.

The Volvo B9R is built to run smoothly in service with a long and effective life. It is weight-optimised for greater reliability, low fuel consumption and good environmental properties. The coach’s straightforward chassis design also offers low operating costs and a high passenger capacity.

Glen Marshall said: “A major reason for our choosing the Volvo B9R was because it had 53 seats with a toilet on two axles. The vehicle’s good fuel consumption was another factor in our decision making.”

The B9R has an economic 9-litre engine and automated I-Shift gear changing system which is unique to Volvo, offering an automatic gear box with the functionality of a manual version. Clear instrumentation and logical control panels help the driver stay alert, focused and in control.

Other standard features on-board Marshalls Coaches’ Volvo B9R include a TV and DVD player, Wi-Fi and phone chargers, climate control, a toilet, a servery for hot drinks and part leather upholstery.

Established in 1974, Marshalls Coaches has 40 years of experience in providing executive and leisure coaches to schools, businesses and individuals for coach trips, commuter travel and group outings. Based in Milton Keynes and Luton, its services operate into London and countrywide.

Glen Marshall said that Volvo Bus offers vital ongoing service and maintenance: “While we try to do most of our maintenance in-house, our local Volvo Bus dealership is always very helpful with our requirements from servicing to the supply of unique Volvo parts. We are very pleased with Volvo and the services we receive from them.”

Jo Standbridge, Regional Sales Manager for Volvo Bus, commented: “We are delighted that Marshalls Coaches is satisfied with the performance of the B9R. The vehicle is designed for simplified maintenance with its compact and service-friendly driveline installation.

“We can therefore tailor our services and parts provision to suit and fully support Marshalls Coaches’ preferred in-house maintenance operations. This, reinforced with our commitment to offer world class service and parts support, is key to our ongoing relationship with Marshalls Coaches.”


30 April 2014

Caption for image:

Marshalls Coaches, a provider of countrywide coach services based in Milton Keynes and Luton, UK, has welcomed the Volvo B9R to its fleet. The operator praised the vehicle’s large 53 passenger capacity and fuel economy.