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Significant MoD order ensures successful introduction for the new Volvo B8R

Volvo Bus has secured a significant 63 vehicle order for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for delivery over the next 12 months.

Volvo Bus has worked closely with prime contractors Alexander Dennis, who will supply the Plaxton coach bodies for the vehicles, to offer a package which meets the requirements of the contract.

Asset supply specialists, Babcock Land acted on behalf of the MoD as lease provider and has worked alongside Volvo Bus and Plaxton to confirm the Euro 6 order announcement.

The order is comprised of 53 Volvo B8R coaches with Plaxton Panther 3 bodywork, six Volvo B8Rs with Plaxton Leopard bodywork and four with Plaxton Panther Club body.

All of the new vehicles will be used to move MoD military forces quickly and efficiently. As a result coach capacity and reliability were fundamental requirements during the process.

The mechanical durability of the B8R creates a solid base for reliability therefore maximising vehicle uptime.

“This is a highly significant development for us,” explained Volvo Bus Coach and Product Director, Ian Downie. “It is a fantastic endorsement of our recently launched B8R Euro 6 product. Our long-term partnership with Plaxton has also been key in the process.”


09 January 2014