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Centaur celebrates 30 years with Volvo with the purchase of a new double decker

Kent based Centaur has taken delivery of a new Volvo Euro 5 B9TL double deck bus.
Centaur celebrates 30 years with Volvo with the purchase of a new double decker

Family owned and run Centaur has purchased the vehicle to add to a fleet that services a number of prestigious universities across the South East.

Roland Sims, Transport Manager at Centaur, said: “We chose Volvo as our first ever new vehicle back in 1985 and 30 years on we are still relying on them.

“We once again specified a Volvo as it is a brand we know and have come to rely on over the years, the customer support is second to none, as is the ease of maintenance, and we know what we are getting with Volvo.”

He added: “Another key factor in us choosing a Volvo bus is because of its durability, we have been running one of our Volvo’s for ten years and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

“Aftersales back up and service is vitally important to all coach operators and at Centaur we are no exception. We have an excellent working relationship with our local Volvo Truck & Bus dealership, where we receive great service and this was another key reason for our choosing Volvo again this time.”

With Wrightbus Gemini 2 bodywork, Centaur’s Volvo B9TL features 68 seats and has room for 17 standing passengers. This includes 27 lower deck seats and 41 seats upstairs. All round air suspension and disc brakes with electronic control add to passenger comfort and safety.

Richard Mann, Volvo Retail Bus & Coach Sales Manager, said: “The bus is equipped with the latest generation of Volvo’s electronically controlled braking system which features a number of important safety and comfort-enhancing functions such as brake blending, hill start aid and emergency braking assistance, which are all vital.

“An additional benefit with the chassis is that it is particularly suited for efficient and environmentally optimised city operations with demands on high capacity. The powerful, fuel efficient 9.3-litre engine and matching automatic transmission mean the Volvo B9TL is perfect for fast and economic operations involving frequent stop-start traffic.”


8 May 2015

Caption for image:

A new Volvo Euro 5 B9TL double deck bus, the latest addition to the fleet of Kent based Centaur.