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McGinley Coach Travel reaps the benefits of Volvo B11R fuel efficiency with 15% savings

One of Ireland’s leading coach and tour operators, McGinley Coach Travel, is reporting significant fuel consumption and financial savings generated by its fleet of Volvo B11R coaches.
McGinley Coach Travel reaps the benefits of Volvo B11R fuel efficiency with 15% savings

The company, which is headquartered in County Donegal, Ireland, took delivery of the eight B11R coaches in April 2014 and following 12 months operation on a range of touring work, is enjoying between 10 - 15% savings on fuel efficiency.

James McGinley, Managing Director of McGinley Coach Travel, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with the performance of the Volvo B11Rs and in addition to their impressive fuel economy figures, we have made significant financial savings when compared with the same 12 month period from 2013.

“In addition to the look and performance of our Volvo fleet, from a commercial point of view the cost savings on the B11R are extremely important in the current economic climate which continues to be challenging for businesses, and the coach sector is no exception.

“As a company, we are long-standing Volvo fans and in addition to the fuel savings, we love the good driveability, reliability and Volvo’s back-up service via Irish Commercials in Dublin and Dennis Commercials in Northern Ireland, which is also important to us from a business point of view.”

David Porter, Retail Bus & Coach Sales Manager for Volvo Bus, added:  “We know that the B11R is gaining a strong reputation with operators not only in Ireland but right across the UK as well.  The level of figures being reported by McGinleys are typically in line with feedback we’re receiving from many other companies and it is great to hear Volvo coaches are proving to be the best choice from a business point of view as well as that of the drivers and passengers.”

McGinley Coach Travel has used Volvo buses for nearly 30 years since 1986, as the family-run operator has grown to become a key player in Ireland’s travel industry. James McGinley says that trust and efficient customer service have been crucial to this long-lasting relationship.


21 May 2015

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Two of the eight Volvo B11Rs supplied to McGinley Coach Travel, pictured at Lough Eske Castle.  The company is reporting fuel efficiency savings of 10 – 15%  on the vehicles during the first 12 months of operation.