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City Mobility Simulator demonstrates the scope of the Volvo Electromobility range

Visitors to the Volvo Bus show stand at Euro Bus Expo 2016 will be able to quantify the relative benefits of buses from across the Volvo Electromobility range, thanks to an interactive ‘City Mobility Simulator’.
City Mobility 1 and 2 – the Volvo Bus City Mobility Simulator.
City Mobility 1 and 2 – the Volvo Bus City Mobility Simulator.

Utilising Google Earth technology, the large touch screen allows customers to pick any town or city in the world and create a new route or replicate an existing one by simply tapping points along a map. Once the route has been determined, the City Mobility Simulator generates the fuel efficiency, environmental impact and cost profiles of operating different types of buses – be they Hybrid, Electric Hybrid or Electric – on that specific route.

The Simulator also highlights areas along the designated route – such as schools, shopping areas or hospitals – where zone restrictions on speed, noise or emissions could apply, which could influence the choice of vehicles deployed on the route.

Speaking ahead of the show, Volvo City Mobility Manager Adrian Felton, said: “The City Mobility Simulator is an excellent way of demonstrating not only the concept of Volvo City Mobility, but how the operators can deploy different models from the Volvo Electromobility range to meet specific requirements of individual routes in any town or city across the globe.”

“Introduced back in 2013, the City Mobility programme underlined Volvo’s commitment to find sustainable transport solutions relevant to each city’s unique circumstances. At the same time Volvo also established Electromobility, a range of vehicles where electric propulsion of some kind is used.

“With the City Mobility Simulator, operators can plot a route in any town or city in the world and then immediately see the differing costs and environmental performance of hybrids, electric hybrids or full-electric vehicles along that particular route, relative to a conventional diesel-powered Euro 5 bus. It is a fantastic interactive tool which generates fascinating data, which at the same time is also great fun to use too. 

“I would encourage anyone at the show to come along to the Volvo stand and give it a try.”


1 November 2016

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City Mobility 1 and 2 – the Volvo Bus City Mobility Simulator.

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