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Volvo highlights consistent safety at CBUK 2017

Volvo’s legacy in safety reaches as far back as 1972, having designed and developed highly successful products over the years, the company believes its track record in the protection and comfort of passengers and drivers is second to none.

With its strong focus on the coach range at this year’s CBUK, the company is reflecting on many of the technologies it has delivered over the years and the latest product developments that continue to deliver class leading safety and ride comfort.

Nick Page, Managing Director for Volvo Bus UK & Ireland, said: “Volvo has become synonymous with the ultimate in coach safety, not only for drivers and passengers, but also for other vulnerable road users.  It continues to be at the core of everything we are and do and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand at CBUK 2017 to learn more about the latest features that are further enhancing Volvo safety.”

Volvo introduced its Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) advanced driver assistance steering system in 2016 in the UK and Ireland.   Designed mainly for the benefit of drivers, the VDS is an electrically assisted hydraulic steering system featuring ‘feather light’ steering at low speed helping with easy parking and manoeuvrability. 

The system has the ability to automatically adapt power assistance to the required action in a range of varied driving situations.  Added stability at higher speed means that sensitivity to uneven surfaces is virtually eliminated.  Directional steadiness is vastly improved for driving on routes which may be demanding or in poor weather conditions, particularly in situations involving cross winds.

The system has been mainly designed to reduce fatigue and offer a positive experience for coach drivers.  A ‘return to zero’ steering wheel is designed to always revert to the centre position during manoeuvring and reversing, while any problems from driving on poor road surfaces are addressed.

Now standard across the entire Volvo coach range is the Driver Support System (DSS), which includes several key features.  These are AEBS (forward collision warning and advanced emergency braking systems) and LKS (Lane Keeping Support).  Various B11R body types also offer ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) when the vehicle is specified with the I-Shift gearbox.

All these safety features form what is Volvo’s long term vision of ‘zero accidents with Volvo’.  

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