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Double deck bus options further extended with introduction of new Volvo B8L chassis

Volvo Bus has added a new chassis option to its UK & Ireland city bus line up, with the introduction of the new Volvo B8L 6x2.
Volvo B8L chassis
The new three axled Volvo B8L chassis shown at Euro Bus Expo 2018 brings operating know-how and experience from the Far East to the UK and Ireland.

Displayed as a chassis at this week’s Euro Bus Expo show, the new variant has been introduced to provide maximum passenger capacity on a wide variety of routes.

Originally developed for use in Far East markets, the Volvo B8L will become a more familiar sight in cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore, further building on the reputation of its predecessor in these markets, the Volvo B9TL.

The specification for the UK market will allow a seated passenger capacity of up to 100.

Phil Owen, Commercial Sales Director for Volvo Bus, highlighted the potential for the latest addition to the Volvo city bus line up.

“Our existing two axle diesel-powered double deck – the Volvo B5TL – is the mainstay of many fleets, especially outside of London. By adding a three axle option, with the extra power required to operate at peak capacity, the B8L is meeting a growing requirement of running fewer buses with higher passenger loadings on certain routes, helping to free up road space, reduce congestion and as a result improving air quality.

“The experience we have gained through successful operation in some of the most demanding city conditions internationally gives us a high degree of confidence about the B8L’s credentials when it comes to performance and durability.”

Offering versatile and flexible operation, the B8L is fully equipped with Volvo’s latest safety which are already incorporated on the Volvo B5TL chassis ensuring peace of mind for passengers and operators alike. The combination of a higher-powered engine and weight saving measures deployed in the design and build of the chassis delivers excellent fuel economy.”

The new Volvo B8L joins the already well established B5TL and the B5LH Hybrid and first bodied examples of the new chassis are expected to be on the road in spring 2019.


30 October 2018

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