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Volvo reveals ‘stars and surprises’ at EBE 2018

Volvo Bus is using this week’s Euro Bus Expo to launch two new coach products to the UK and Irish market, as well as making further announcements in its City Bus and Electromobility ranges.

The much anticipated 9900 coach is starring on the Volvo stand as it makes its first appearance in the UK following the European launch in May 2018. This new coach includes a range of innovative design features, fuel-saving aerodynamics, built in safety and a superb passenger environment.

Nick Page, Managing Director of Volvo Bus UK & Ireland, said: “It’s very exciting to be launching two new exceptional vehicles at EBE – while they are positioned at different ends of the market, both have a huge amount to offer customers in terms of operational performance, safety features, aesthetic appearance and passenger comfort.

“We believe the 9900 will set the benchmark in luxury travel for the UK and Irish market.  The coach has a number of new features which include the new ‘Z’ shaped window line and theatre floor, which introduces a whole new design language for coaches.

“Since the 9900 was launched in Gothenburg in May this year, it has been doing very well in our European markets and the order book is already exceeding expectations.  From our own perspective, in the UK and Ireland, we have already secured 11 orders from operators who are keen to add it to their fleets, with the first order being taken by Steve Haydon at Hollinshead Coaches.  We strongly anticipate that this list will steadily grow now that the 9900 has been publicly launched and operators are able to see and experience it for themselves.”

Volvo has also surprised the market with another announcement that will give further choice to its already extensive coach range. In partnership with MCV and based on the well established B11R Euro VI chassis, the fruition of ‘Project 523’ was revealed for the very first time at the show.

Commenting on the new development, James Hyde, Retail Sales Director, said: “The demand for a competitively priced, fixed-specification coach that can undertake a wide range of work is growing and the MCV ‘523’ has been developed to bring ‘More Coach Value’ and choice for operators.”  

Also making its debut at EBE 2018 and in its pre-bodied condition, is a new diesel double deck chassis option for the City Bus line up, the new Volvo B8L, which has been introduced to provide maximum passenger capacity on a wide variety of routes.

The chassis was originally developed for use in Far East markets and the specification for the UK market will offer bodybuilder options from ADL, Wrights and MCV with a seated passenger capacity of 100.

Phil Owen, Commercial Sales Director for Volvo Bus UK & Ireland, highlighted the potential for the latest addition to the Volvo city bus line up.

“Our existing two axle diesel-powered double deck – the Volvo B5TL – is the mainstay of many fleets, especially outside of London. By adding a three axle option, with the extra power required to operate at peak capacity, the B8L is meeting a growing requirement of running fewer buses with higher passenger loadings on certain routes, helping to free up road space, reduce congestion and as a result improving air quality.

“The experience we have gained through successful operation in some demanding city conditions internationally gives us a high degree of confidence about the B8L’s credentials when it comes to performance and durability.”

Last but not least from Volvo Bus at this year’s EBE is the announcement that a new full electric chassis is currently in development, which is expected to be fully market ready by 2021 with demonstration vehicles available early in 2020

The new chassis will share a high degree of commonality with the current Volvo 7900e and is being developed as a modular chassis concept, providing a platform for both single and double deck buses. Working with lead bodybuilding partner MCV, the single and double deck body options are currently under development and will meet TfL specification requirements and incorporate full electric heating

Summing up Volvo Bus’ presence at this year’s EBE show, Nick Page added: “We have a fantastic stand again at this year’s EBE show with lots of positive and exciting things to talk about, and we hope that our customers, and in turn their customers, will continue to be happy with the products and services that we have and will continue to develop for a challenging industry that Volvo Bus is proud to be a part of.”


30 October 2018

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