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Volvo Bus to supply the first electric bus in Ireland for Crowne Plaza, Dublin Airport

Volvo Bus has been awarded the contract to supply a 7900e single deck, fully electric bus to the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel. Set to come into service later this year, the high powered charging solution is being delivered by ESB’s Smart Energy Services. This will be the first electric bus to go into operation in Ireland and will provide an efficient and environmentally friendly service for passenger transfers at Dublin Airport.
Volvo 7900E
Volvo Bus has been awarded the contract to supply a 7900e single deck, fully electric bus to the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport Hotel in Ireland.

The project is being undertaken by Volvo Bus, Crowne Plaza Hotel (part of the Tifco Hotel Group), and ESB – Ireland’s foremost energy brand.  The bus will be deployed at the end of the year on a route which operates between the Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn Express and Terminals 1 and 2 at Dublin Airport.

In addition to being the first commercial electric bus to enter service in Ireland, it uses high power CCS combo 2 150kW plug-in charging.  The bus is a single door 12m Generation 2 7900e with 200kW battery capacity which will be recharged at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Tom Colman, Group Procurement Manager for the Tifco Hotel Group, said: “Our decision to invest in a complete electric solution for the Crowne Plaza shuttle service at Dublin Airport is an important step for us as opposed to going for the more conventional diesel engine option.

“As a group we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are fully committed to doing what we can to reduce air pollution and improve the air quality and health for those who live, work and visit the areas in which we operate, now and also for the future.  Tackling climate change and carbon emissions is very much at the forefront of everything we do and choosing a zero emissions bus forms part of this ethos and approach.”

Nick Page, Managing Director for Volvo Bus UK & Ireland, said: “We’re really pleased that the 7900e has been chosen to provide services for these hotels in and around Dublin Airport and that it will be the first electric bus to enter operation anywhere in Ireland.

“We’ve seen from experience with the 7900e the kind of contribution that can be made to improving air quality.  In addition to the UK trials, it has been successfully tried and tested across Europe in countries including Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

“We have already sold more than 150 7900e buses and many are already in service throughout Europe.  In the UK it has been adopted for use in a town service situation in Harrogate.

“Our vision at Volvo Bus is to develop a range of vehicles, which include hybrids, electric hybrids and full electric, to deliver improved air quality in the surroundings in which they operate.  We believe that working together they will significantly improve the environment for those who visit work and live in towns and cities.”

Garret O’Neill, General Manager for the Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport & Holiday Inn Express Dublin Airport, said: “As a company we have always looked towards to future and adopted facilities and services that will improve our guests’ experiences and benefit our local community and environment. Over the past few years we have taken a number of significant measures to reduce the hotels’ carbon footprint. While the purchase of the new Volvo 7900e electric bus is a significant financial investment for the hotel, we believe it will deliver long term benefits for both the customer and the local environment.”

Michael Mahon, Head of ESB’s Smart Energy Services, said: “ESB is proud to provide the high power electric vehicle charging solution for the Crowne Plaza’s new electric bus offering. Using our experience in private and public infrastructure experience since 2010, we are leading the infrastructure installation, site planning and consultation for this project. The high-powered 150kW charge point implemented allows for smooth integration into the bus schedule, with fast charging, so bus can operate an all-day schedule.

“Through ESB’s Smart Energy Services partnership with the Crowne Plaza, we will provide the finance solution required to invest in the charging infrastructure. As with all other large energy users that we work with, this offering allows them to reduce carbon emissions without the need for  upfront capital investment. We look forward to offering EV charging solutions to other fleet providers complemented with our experience as an energy consultancy, energy management services and implementation of energy projects for businesses who are large users of energy.”


12 February 2019

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