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Volvo 9900 on the frontlines of Ridleys Coaches’ venture into Europe

Warwick based coach company Ridleys Coaches, has taken delivery of two brand new Volvo 9900s to head up its transportation operations in Europe in 2020.
Volvo 9900

Founded in 2009, Ridleys Coaches began providing premium transport solutions to the Coventry and Warwickshire areas and has now branched out to provide services all across the UK. These two new vehicle additions to the Ridleys fleet will help their already luxurious operations expand successfully into Europe in 2020.

Jordan Ridley, Managing Director at Ridleys Coaches, said: “We are incredibly excited to be taking delivery of the two new Volvo 9900s as our flagship vehicles. With three Volvo 9900s in the fleet so far and another on order for March next year, our fleet is now more than 80% Volvo and we couldn’t be more excited.

“The styling of the 9900 is different to any other product on the market and its sophisticated design and functionality has encouraged us to buy again. Having operated the 9900s predecessor the 9700, we knew we were purchasing a top end product from Volvo. The state-of-the-art safety features that the 9900 provides are a great benefit as our minds are put at ease when it is out on the road. The vehicles are also a joy for our drivers, who have a great time driving it due to the effortlessness they require and the comfort they provide on long journeys.

“We are also pleased to take the 9900s on the frontlines of our ventures into Europe in a new era for Ridleys Coaches. They will mainly cover incoming tourists into the UK and long-distance private hires – perfect for the 9900.”

The 9900 provides unparalleled comfort and style to its passengers, who will be treated to comfortable seating, elegant colour schemes and unique visibility and views thanks to the sloping window line and gradient theatre floor.

Jordan added, “The performance of the vehicle is currently being analysed but reports are indicating that the new vehicles are performing well in terms of fuel usage. The features Volvo utilises to increase fuel savings such as I-SEE, which works to learn the topography of a route and optimise acceleration, braking and gearshifts when using cruise control, have been invaluable to us in cutting costs.”

Jo Baker, Volvo Retail Bus & Coach Sales Manager, said: “We have worked with Ridleys Coaches many times over the years and it has always been a real pleasure. It is great to see them taking the 9900s forward into their new business ventures in Europe and we wish them the very best of luck. The coaches will no doubt be a great addition to Ridleys Coaches fleet and will benefit their operations significantly.”


October 2019

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