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Five new fully integral 9900 premium specification Volvo coaches for Lochs & Glens

Renowned, family-owned Scottish holiday and coach tour operator Lochs & Glens has taken delivery of five new Volvo B11R 9900 premium specification fully integral coaches. The delivery is a highly significant landmark joint venture for both companies, as it is the first time Lochs & Glens has ever specified a complete Volvo product.
Volvo B11R 9900

The five new B11R 13.9 metre, 57 seat coaches join an already impressive all Volvo fleet, now numbering 16 vehicles. Lochs & Glens make a deliberate decision to update and renew a third of the fleet each year, to continue to ensure the very best standard of holiday is maintained for the company’s loyal customers, and Volvo was the clear partner of choice yet again.

Despite the obvious recent challenges faced by the leisure and tourism industry globally, due to COVID-19, Lochs & Glens is positive about the future.  The business recognises the importance of continuing to invest in its wholly owned hotels for when customers can return, as well as its coaches.

“We’re absolutely delighted to take delivery of our five new 9900 Volvo coaches,” explained Lochs & Glens Managing Director, Neil Wells. “It’s the first time we’ve ever specified the complete Volvo vehicle and we’re really excited. The purchase further consolidates our long-term partnership with Volvo. The reason we’ve made this decision now is that the layout of the 9900 is perfect and the whole vehicle provides the luxurious feel that we want for our loyal customers. We’d looked at previous integral Volvo vehicles and considered them, but the Volvo 9900 just had everything we wanted, so it became an easy decision.

“The new vehicles are ideally suited for our hotel and travel packages and we’re really excited to hopefully welcome our first bookings from May. There are three main things that keep us coming back to Volvo. Firstly, the quality of the products, that’s second to none. The reliability is a huge factor, if people are coming on holiday with us, we don’t want to interrupt that in anyway if at all possible. Finally, it’s the Volvo back-up and support network.”

Neil Wells continued, “We’ve got a long-standing partnership with Volvo and it was great to finalise the deal with UK & Eire Sales Manager, Dave Porter. But I must mention the Glasgow West team at Cardonald. We’ve got a real trust in their servicing and abilities and that keeps our fleet on the road where it needs to be.

“I also make sure to listen to the feedback from our drivers and those who have got behind the wheel really like the vehicles and those that haven’t can’t wait to have the opportunity to drive it. That says a lot.”

All five of Loch & Glens new Volvo 9900 are supported on Volvo contracts to ensure they are kept in top working order and that anything that does occur through wear and tear can be rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dave Porter commented, “This is a highly significant purchase both for Lochs & Glens and for us at Volvo Bus. We’ve got a long-term partnership and we are committed to always delivering the best vehicles to support their end-to-end holiday packages. We’re delighted they’ve chosen to go with the complete integral B11R 9900. This is a real statement about the premium quality that operators can now expect from a fully integral Volvo vehicle.

“Another key factor is the Volvo back-up and support at Cardonald and the Volvo contracts, this gives Lochs & Glens the reassurance they need as they look to welcome back customers after a year which has been challenging for everyone.”

Officially launched in the UK at Euro Bus Expo in 2018, Volvo’s fully integral B11R 9900 premium coach features a Euro VI Volvo D11K 460bhp engine, innovative design, fuel-saving aerodynamics, built in safety and a superb passenger environment, including centre demountable toilet. The vehicle represents a significant leap forward in coach design and technology for Volvo and a solid reliable investment for Lochs & Glens.

Since its launch key distinguishing features such as the ‘Z’ shaped window line and theatre floor have proven popular with Volvo customers. As more operators plan a post-COVID-19 recovery, the 9900 is expected to continue to lead the way as the premium vehicle of choice.

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Date March 2021

For further information, please contact: Joe Worrall or David Leatham

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