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La sicurezza prima di tutto

Ti sei perso il nostro lancio globale? Guarda il film.


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Benvenuti in Volvo Buses

Volvo Buses è uno dei principali fornitori al mondo di sistemi di trasporto pubblico sostenibili. Il nostro impegno per la sostenibilità, la sicurezza e la qualità non ha confronti.

For people by people

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on our buses, and our job is to bring them to their destination. Safely, in comfort and on time. All with a minimum of impact on the environment, and with responsible use of energy and natural resources. That's why quality of life is our guiding star, and that's also why our core values – safety, quality and environmental care – are so much more than words.

Innovation and experience

The first Volvo Bus was built in 1928. Ever since, we have been a trusted developer, manufacturer and partner to the bus and coach business in more than 85 countries. Innovation is a cornerstone, powered by our long experience. It’s the synergies between the two that can turn new ideas and new technologies into tangible benefits for our customers – and their passengers.