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Yeap Transport chooses Volvo buses to transport children to school safely every day

Yeap Transport Pte Ltd, established in 1979, were the first operators in Singapore to be awarded a contract for school bus transportation. Today, the company has 456 buses serving around 12,000 children on a daily basis, across various schools in Singapore.
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With three decades of legacy and success, Yeap Transport is truly a leader when it comes to managing and providing buses for transportation of children to schools in Singapore, and across the border. Safety of the drivers and the children on board has been the primary pillar for the company. This is one of the leading reasons Yeap Transport considers Volvo as the preferred choice for school bus transportation.  Yeap transport is among the first few customers to have supported Volvo since its re-introduction into the Singapore premium coach market in 2017.

“To me, school operators and parents, the Volvo brand represents safety. With advanced technology and safety features, Volvo buses give me full confidence to provide better and more reliable services to my customers. My drivers are also happy driving and appreciate the features of Volvo buses. They feel safe behind the wheels.” says Mr. Adrian Yeap, owner of Yeap Transport.

Yeap Transport has over the years built an impressive safety record of no accidents with serious injury. With the introduction of Volvo coaches, Yeap transport are confident this will help them carry on the impressive record.

Besides safety, parts availability was also a key factor when Mr. Yeap first decided to purchase a Volvo bus. A few questions that came to mind were: What is the volume of Volvo coaches in Singapore and whether the units will be well supported? Would there be sufficient spare parts? Where are Volvo parts stocked and what is the lead time for parts? The concerns are relevant and genuine. All of Mr. Yeap’s concerns were addressed when he learnt that Volvo maintains commonality of parts for buses and trucks and Volvo’s regional parts warehouse has been located in Singapore since 2001.

Reliability is an important factor in providing buses for school transportation. Not only does it ensure your buses are always on the road, but it also helps develop the trust among parents. Hence as service providers, it is not only important to have a reliable bus, but also secured parts availability to increase vehicle uptime and productivity.

For successful operations, it is essential to minimise and control operating costs. Another reason Yeap Transport choose Volvo buses is that with Volvo, they have a well-planned, customised, multi-year, fixed price maintenance service contract. With this contract, operators can rest easy knowing their buses will be well maintained by Volvo technicians, at a Volvo authorised workshop, using only genuine Volvo parts.  This is highly beneficial to operators as all their future costs are well known beforehand - with no surprises. This also allows operators to fully focus on scheduling operations while Volvo Buses, through its service dealer (ComfortDelgro Engineering), takes care of the bus reliability through regular servicing and parts replacement - as and when necessary.

As summarised by Mr. Yeap, “To buy a bus, it is not only a simple selection of the product, but also the brand, the services, and the total cost of ownership. These factors all come together as one solution. I know that Volvo Buses can satisfy this expectation and are able to provide me an innovative and sustainable transport solution to meet every need of my business.” 


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