Track your Passenger Load in Volvo Connect

Ever wondered which bus stop is the busiest or which routes tend to be overloaded with passengers? With the new Passenger Load report, you can see the weight of the bus and the estimated number of passengers every time the bus closes its doors.
Track your Passenger Load in Volvo Connect

This innovative capability provides operators with invaluable insights to:

  • Optimize Route Planning: Identify overloaded routes and make data-driven adjustments to ensure a seamless and comfortable journey for passengers.
  •  Weight Management: Monitor and prevent bus overloading by tracking fuel weight, axle weights, and overall load in real-time. This not only ensures compliance with                     regulations but also extends the lifespan of the fleet.
  •   Dynamic Passenger Tracking: Gain a comprehensive view of passenger trends throughout the day, enabling operators to adapt quickly to changing demand patterns.

    How it works
  • The Passenger Load report uses the recorded axle weight data to approximate the number of passengers in a vehicle, over time. This is presented in a simple chart.
  • Open the Report tool and select Passenger Load report. The information is presented in a user-friendly table format, showcasing time stamped fuel level[W(1] , axle weights, and the calculated number of passengers. Controls let you scroll through every vehicle in your fleet with the Event service.
  • The report filter [W(2] lets you set the average weight per passenger used for the calculations, so you can adjust the weight, useful if you are driving school traffic or would like to add luggage weight.[W(3]
  • The report shows the last week by default. Would you like to zoom in to a specific shift over one day? Just select that day in the time filter and then enter the hours you are interested in.

    Ready to try the new feature? If you are subscribing to the Event service for your vehicles, the new Passenger Load report is already included and available for you in the Report tool. To activate the Event service, contact your dealer or market representative.

    For the report to function, every vehicle must have a vehicle weight (kerb weight including fuel and driver) entered as this value is used for the estimations of number of passengers. Sign in as a Fleet Administrator, go to Administration tool and open Vehicle Administration to add this value to your vehicles.