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Haryana Roadways launches Low Floor Volvo City Bus Service

15 Volvo 8400 ultra-low floor a/c city buses will soon be seen plying on the roads of Haryana. Haryana Roadways has decided to augment its city transport system with the Volvo fleet, under the JnNURM scheme. The first bus of this fleet was flagged off today by Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister, Haryana. These buses will ply on the select routes of Ballabhgarh – Badarpur/ISBT/; Gurgaon, Badarpur border, etc. Over 500 Volvo City Buses have already captured the imagination and daily lives of passengers in about 10 cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderbad, Mysore, Kolkota, Jaipur, etc where more and more people are switching over from their personal transport to public transport due the comfort of Volvo City Buses.

The Volvo City Buses play a distinct role. They are specifically positioned as buses that motivate people to move away from their personal vehicles and adopt public transport, in turn helping in de-congesting the city and improving the traffic conditions.  Volvo is a market leader in BRT systems around the world and in India it has a rich experience of over 8 years, of providing high-performance bus solutions.

“We are pleased to introduce the world class – safe and comfortable Volvo buses into our fleet. We are sure that this will make city travel more attractive and viable for the daily communters. It will also help address the need for better connectivity and public transport between Delhi – Faridabad – Gurgaon. We hope that with this, more and more people will take to public transport and help in de-congesting the city roads”. Said Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister, Haryana.

“If you witness the brisk levels at which passenger vehicles are sold in a city, there is a clear and urgent need to attract these buyers to public transport which provide the best possible standards. Such an investment can result in profound savings when it comes to fuel, emissions, safety on the road and most of all helps in decongesting cities. With India becoming world-class in every sphere there is no reason why we should lag behind in Public Transportation, especially when this area can bring equity on the city roads while improving the quality of urban mobility.” mentioned Akash Passey, MD, Volvo Buses India Private Limited

Behind the Volvo City Buses’ immense popularity among citizens lies sustainable and modern technology that promises to provide safe and caring transport which lasts a long time (over 10 to 12 years), thereby becoming a part of a city’s long-term development plans & phases.

Produced in Bangalore at Volvo’s Complete Bus factory, these buses bring with them the world’s latest safety features including:  Electronic Braking system; anti-roll; front under-run protection system; Disk Brakes; electro-pneumatic safety doors; and anti-skid protection. Features, those help not only to protect passengers but other vehicles on the road as well.

The Volvo City Bus 8400 4x2 provides a very high ability to manage typical city traffic. The automatic transmission assures fatigue less driving allowing drivers to provide a better bus ride to passengers. Good driveability of a bus and good driver management can have a significant impact on improving fuel efficiency.  The low turning radius helps the bus move through crowded traffic with ease. The right power-to-weight ratio of the engine allows quick deceleration & acceleration across various terrains. The retarder system ensures that the bus movement, including braking is almost jerk-free for passengers. The Electronic Air Suspension takes bus comfort to a new level. Of course, the Volvo buses’ in-climate control alongwith perfect ability provides an excellent environment to passengers. A perfect setting to opt for a public transport.

The Volvo City Bus is disable friendly providing easy step less entry and features within for wheel chairs.

Volvo Buses, as in the inter-city buses are know for their longevity, ability to achieve high passenger preference and provide good economic operations for a long time. Today, almost every key private bus operator and scores of state transport corporations are used to the life-cycle concept and reliability levels of the bus.

Volvo City Buses are today part of most successful city bus systems in the world including London, Shangai, Hong Kong, Curitiba, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, Singapore and many more.

”Our intercity coaches have already changed the way people perceive luxury coaches in this country,” says Akash Passey, MD of Volvo Buses in India. “Now Volvo city buses have the ability to do the same in Indian cities – providing sustainable public transport solutions, that keeps pace with the rapid development and growth our cities face’ “ India is developing fast and becoming globally competitive and we strongly believe that our cities deserve the best in urban mobility for its people”

23 January 2010
For further information, please contact Sohanjeet Randhawa, Head Marketing of Volvo Buses India,
+91 98453 97336