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Volvo 9400 B11R

The multi-axle B11R range consists of the longest buses in India. The 14.5m seater ensures comfortable and safe journeys for up to 55 passengers. The newly introduced completely built sleeper coach can accommodate 40 berths and provide for 12.5 cu.m of personal luggage space. The integration of the B11R chassis with a specifically developed body results in unmatched stability, safety, and reliability. Customers have the advantage of securing deliveries of the fully built coach at the lowest possible lead time as well as one-stop-shop quality assurance and maintenance support.

9400 B11R 14.5M
9400 B11R 15M Complete Sleeper

The safer choice

The Volvo 9400 B11R is the backbone of a good coach business. Whether your need is a luxury coach or an untiring line-hauler, the B11R will exceed your expectations. The highly fuel-efficient BS VI engine will cut your operational costs, while Volvo’s reliable technology ensures superior functionality, safety and lifecycle productivity.

The Volvo 9400 B11R is the backbone of a good coach business. Whether your need is a premium coach or a trusty line-hauler, the B11R will exceed your expectations. The highly fuel-efficient BS VI engine will cut your operational costs, while Volvo’s high quality ensures superior functionality, passenger comfort and lifecycle productivity.

The cornerstones of a premium coach

The versatile Volvo 9400 B11R provides everything you need for creating an attractive and profitable coach. Ride comfort and excellent performance will keep your passengers satisfied.

Premium performance

Excellent performance, road handling and drive ability make it a pleasure to drive, while your passengers will enjoy a swift and smooth ride.

Cleaner power from your fuel

Our 11-litre engine combines fuel efficiency and BS VI exhaust after treatment with uncompromised power, elasticity and solid torque.

The safety architecture

The Volvo 9400 B11R is built to support the driver’s ability to drive safely and avoid incidents. A perfectly balanced chassis and solid power resources make for predictable and consistent road behavior.

The driver’s dream

The Volvo 9400 B11R is simply great to drive, offering solid power and excellent handling with the unique features which is clearly best in class.

Keeping uptime up

Uptime is a Volvo hallmark and is built-in from the start. And it’s supported by our Country wide service network and efficient logistics for parts supply – anywhere in India.

Drive safely

The Volvo 9400 B11R offers plethora of active and passive safety systems ensuring a safe drive all the way.

Environmental performance

At Volvo Buses we continuously develop technology and services to improve our vehicles’ environmental performance and help reduce the footprint of your operation.

Business in partnership

Our promise is to be your best business partner, with services to maximize uptime, reduce lifecycle cost and facilitate the management of your fleet.

Uptime and productivity

Keeping performance at the top

We know that in your business, every minute and every mile counts. Proven Volvo technology and extremely durable mechanical design ensure reliability and a long service life. Maintenance is swift, service intervals are long and with Genuine Volvo Parts your Volvo remains a Volvo. Add services such as Vehicle Management, Service Contracts and Driver Training, and you can count on what matters: uptime 24/7.

A worldwide service network

Lasting productivity starts with optimized preventive maintenance. Our widespread service network, with options of site support, and swift logistics enable us to offer a wide range of service solutions – to ensure lasting quality.

Sign up for a service contract

With our Service Contracts you get a service plan optimized for your business. Operational conditions such as mileage, climate, average speed, number of stops and so on determine the solution. The result is maintenance exactly when needed, and assurance that only Genuine Volvo Parts are used – fitted by experts.

Vehicle management

Optimize vehicle availability and avoid unplanned stops even further. Through on-board telematics you know exactly how much and under what conditions your fleet is running, allowing you to adapt your maintenance and optimize your operation.

Efficiency beyond BS VI

Fuel cost is crucial. Our 11-litre BS VI engine is powerful, yet very fuel-efficient. And in combination with smart features and services for fuel saving it is fully possible to reach two-digit figures for fuel saving. Bottom line profit from day one.

The smarter route

One exciting optional new feature is the I-See system. It registers the topography of the road and by memorizing hills and slopes, it can optimize acceleration, gearshifts and braking. I-See can help save up to 2.5% of fuel when driving with cruise control on recurring routes.

Coach your driver

I-Coaching is a real-time (optional) device supporting your driver with instant feedback on crucial driving Parameters, such as excessive acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as over-revving, idling and speeding. Continuous on-the-job training helping to drive more safely, fuel efficiently and comfortably.

Driver training is profitable

Experience shows that even the most capable drivers benefit from a professional training program. A lasting effect of 3–7% reduced fuel consumption is often the result, and in addition the smoother driving means improved passenger comfort.

Volvo safety

Going by coach is the safest way to travel on the road. And with a Volvo you benefit from our continuous research and develop- ment committed to our safety vision: zero accidents with Volvo products. Helping the driver avoid situations that might lead to the risk of an accident is a given priority.

In a Volvo 9400 B11R, safety is built in from the very start. Its predictable road behaviour, advanced braking system and unique systems for driver support help cope with any foreseeable situation. It’s because we regard handling, braking capabilities and driver performance as integrated, interacting safety factors.

Better Business

As your business partner we can provide more than our first-class vehicles. You also get a country wide Service Network – yet with a single point of contact, taking full responsibility for all chassis and driveline-related matters. But it doesn’t stop there. Volvo also offers a range of value-adding services from which you can choose, combining them to create an optimized solution.

Country wide service network

Your vehicles and your business are always in good hands thanks to Country wide service centers across India

Service contracts

Substantially reinforce uptime and availability, at a specified monthly rate.

Parts supply contracts

Availability of Genuine Volvo Parts and optimization of your spare parts stock based on prediction and follow-up.


Competitive financing solutions, perfectly suited for your business situation.

Volvo action service

Country wide assistance, multilingual phone support and a range of assistance services open 24/7.

I-coaching (optional)

Instant feedback generates cost reduction through lower fuel consumption and reduced wear. Improved passenger comfort.

Driver training

Identifies need for improvements and provides practical training.

Vehicle management (optional)

Keeps track of mileage, usage, wear and technical alerts. On-line and in real-time.

Fleet management (optional)

Real-time monitoring and clear reports make it possible to track fuel cost, emissions, driving behavior and position for each vehicle in your fleet.

Volvo speaks your body language

With the Volvo 9400 B11R, regardless of application, you get a strong, rigid framework on which it is easy to build a stable, weight-efficient body structure. All service points are located for simple and swift maintenance, and since it’s a Volvo you’ll find the highest material quality in every detail.

It’s Volvo power

Our highly fuel-efficient D11K engine comes in optimized power ratings for Indian conditions. It’s a genuine Volvo engine which means full commonality with Volvo Trucks when it comes to the parts and service network. The power is put firmly onto the tarmac by the Volvo I-Shift automated gearbox and an optimized single reduction rear axle.

Volvo I-Shift features optimized software and temperature-controlled lubrication contributes to reduced fuel consumption. A retarder makes for optimized deployment of engine braking, thus reducing brake pad wear. The rear axle is one of the most durable ever built, with enhanced service intevals.

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