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Designed for Luxury and comfort The all-new Volvo 9600 is all about luxury. Your passengers will enjoy travelling in the highest comfort and style, while you benefit from the convenience of a smooth ownership experience. Already from afar the Volvo 9600 radiates attitude, elegance and safety. The premium feel is equally strong on the inside. Superior choice of materials, finely crafted details and trim, comfortable seats, and a very relaxing ambience. Truly a next step in luxury & comfort. 

A new design – beyond styling 

The moment you meet the Volvo 9600 you feel this coach is special. This coach is built for a luxurious travel experience. The elegance and the attractive details really catch the eye. The distinctive V-shaped headlights complemented by the exterior body design, add a sense of grandeur. The vehicle’s inner gradient theatre floor gives every passenger excellent visibility in the seater coach, and the spacious berths in the sleeper coach ensure a comfortable travel experience. Part of the relaxing ambience for an enjoyable journey.

More than meets the eye

A holistic design philosophy is the secret behind the distinctive personality of the new Volvo 9600. The coach is designed to express comfort and luxury, but functionality and performance are never compromised. The obvious elegance comes from the fact that everything you see is there for a reason.

Outstanding aerodynamics

The new front of the Volvo 9600 has a distinct and powerful expression. But every single line and surface is part of an aerodynamic masterpiece. An undisturbed flow with a minimum of turbulence results in reduced noise, increased stability and a fuel-saving reduction in air resistance.

Designed for driver performance

Our design fundamentals are also clearly visible in the driverʼs environment. A pleasantly curved dashboard where everything is in the right place creates a calm and clean space, and a premium driverʼs seat creates a perfect workplace.


Passengers expect a premium experience and the new Volvo 9600 will definitely meet their expectations. Excellent comfort, low noise and perfect climate. The coach is available in both sleeper and seater variants. Let the Volvo 9600 be the new flagship of your fleet.

Supreme passenger comfort

Your most demanding passengers are comfortably seated, surrounded by carefully selected materials and elegant trim in a perfect climate.The Volvo 9600 also offers unique visibility thanks to its wide panoramic windows.

Fuel efficiency

The well-proven Volvo D8K engine is highly fuel efficient, with a power output of 260 kW delivering outstanding torque and drivability.

New front structure

The front structure is now even further enhanced. In the event of a collision the front framework can absorb more energy and covers a wider spectrum of impact angles and heights.


Your coachʼs uptime is the key to profitability. With Volvo you have a range of services, keeping your coach on the road and adding to your productivity

Driver performance

The all-new driverʼs environment is a first-class experience. With the all new curved dashboard, where everything is in the right place, creates a calm and clean space, and a premium driverʼs seat creates a perfect workplace.

Connected to your coach

Through state of the art telematics system, you have access to our connected services. With your new Volvo coach, stay connected to your business no matter where you are.

A unique interior

This is the coach for the most demanding passengers. They are comfortably seated, surrounded by carefully selected materials,elegant trim and harmonic color schemes. The Volvo 9600 offers unique  visibility, thanks to its panoramic windows and the gradient theatre floor. The interiors of the sleeper coach are uniquely designed to offer a comfortable long distance travel experience. Ensuring your passengers choose this coach for their perfect journey.

Superior driver ergonomics

Take your seat in the all-new driver environment and you feel it right away:the clean layout, curved around you to support an ergonomic working environment. Enjoy the elegant trim, and the air suspended seat including forward and reverse movement with adjustable headrest, for a truly premium experience.

Advanced driver assistance

Superior safety is integrated into every aspect of the new Volvo 9600. The unique Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC) increases stability at higher speeds.

Braking Efficiency

Enjoy enhanced stability and control with Electronic braking system including ABS, Hill Start aid, integrated hydrodynamic retarder and Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC).

Driver comfort

Designed for driver comfort and convenience, with an ergonomically positioned driver console for easy accessibility. It is also equipped with a full length retractable type sun visor, quick access tray and an illuminated cabin for a relaxing driving experience.

Driver performance

Invest in driver performance, Hydraulic power assisted steering, heated and electrically operated three-piece rearview mirror complemented by rear view camera with a 7” screen, for enhanced driver visibility.

Safety first

The new Volvo 9600 comes with a unique package of systems for driver and passenger safety. With Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC), ABS and Hydraulic power assisted steering, Volvo bus drivers can ensure a smooth and safe travel. Emergency exit door, FDSS, Panic buttons, Fire extinguishers and roof hatches ensure uncompromised passenger safety.

Durability and supreme uptime

The Volvo 9600 is all about delivering a superior quality experience. Running efficiently, smoothly and comfortably ensures you get the best out of your business. That is why the entire Volvo 9600 and our services are designed to give you maximum uptime. Proven Volvo technology and extremely durable mechanical design ensure reliability and long service life.

Service Offerings

With our comprehensive aftermarket service packages complemented by an extensive network across the country, we ensure peace of mind for you.

Uptime Services

Our range of services can substantially reinforce your operation and keep your fleet up and running. The maintenance is planned and tailored to suit vehicle use and driving behavior to ensure your coaches are always onward its next journey.

More power from your fuel

Volvo offers several ways to save fuel. All are based on priorities expressed by our customers. Our driveline and aggregates ensure you get the most out of your coach. 

Powered by proven D8K   

The new Volvo 9600 is equipped with a tried & tested, powerful fuel efficient Volvo 8-Litre engine, which ensures optimum power and torque to deliver maximum fuel economy.

Designed for more savings  

The coach is aerodynamically designed to reduce air drag at high speed operations, complemented by value added technology like Cruise control and I-Shift which leads to higher savings on fuel.

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