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Making 25000 drivers even better

Drivers provide far more value than one can imagine. Drivers are a key factor in the safety aspects and the experience that passengers get. The best drivers can achieve over 20% better fuel efficiency than typical drivers. Good drivers are ambassadors for transport corporations and as such are also instrumental for the image of the industry. Volvo Driver Training commenced training even before the first bus was sold in India and today a landmark of 25000 drivers trained has been crossed.

The Volvo Driver Training Centre at Hosakote main focus lies in helping make good drivers even better. With each bus sold 3 drivers are trained as part of the total offering besides further refresher training. Of course, over a life-time of the bus new drivers join in and are trained too.

About 30% of the drivers trained are also those who have chosen to get the training on their own accord so as to further their career prospects in commercial driving. These drivers pay a token fee for the training programs.

The Volvo Driving center conducts a range of courses – primarily at the driver training centre in Hosakote besides on-field regional trainings too, through travelling instructors. The training includes both theoretical and practical classes and has its focus on economic driving, defensive driving, behavioral aspects besides the basic skills of the driver.

Practical and theoretical tests are required to be passed before a driver can be certified. Not all drivers pass.

While the customers typically send in their best drivers for Volvo Buses, the criteria for selection includes a minimum 3 years if heavy vehicle driving experience, health fitness, basic understanding of English reading.

Most drivers consider the training program a special moment in their career and a point of change in their lives. “Before Volvo Buses, driving commercial vehicles was a tough life and it was like watching my life pass by. With Volvo, I look forward to tomorrow.” comments Dinesh, a Volvo Driver with extensive driving experience in India with heavy buses.

September 17, 2014

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