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Two more cities opt for Volvo city buses

In June this year, Puducherry and Solapur became two new cities to opt for Volvo 8400 city buses while Kolkata augmented its existing fleet of Volvo city buses. With this, the presence of Volvo in the high-performance city bus segment in India expands to 15 cities.

Volvo is among the first to be ready and commence delivering city buses under the recent Urban Bus Specification (UBS) scheme to STUs. By end of this year, one can expect to see more cities in India opting for Volvo city buses, besides existing cities working towards augmenting their current fleets.

Volvo is driving quality of life in Indian cities, by modernising public transport and making it the preferred choice of city mobility.

In each case, the objective is common – to make public transport the No. 1 choice of mobility and attracting citizens to move away from their personal vehicles and instead choose modern bus transport. Such a switch in preference, and reduced vehicles on road, can have profound savings & benefits for a city in high cost areas – fuel consumption per passenger-km, overall emissions, infrastructure & roads requirement, safety, congestion, among others.

The new Volvo 8400 city bus, built to meet the current Urban Bus Specifications comes with a host of new features, and enhances standards in safety, and passenger convenience & comfort. This includes features such as rear under-run protection; lateral protection; wider wheel chair ramps; walking stick/crutch holders for passengers with special needs; new high-comfort seats with headrest & greater reclining; automatic fire detection & suppression system in the engine area and finally on-board telematics for better passenger information systems.

7th July, 2014

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About Volvo Buses in India
Volvo Buses has been in India since 2001 and has built a leading experience when it comes to high-performing bus applications. Volvo Buses has been driving the change in the industry introducing various firsts in India – including the true bus chassis concept, the low floor city bus concept, the multi-axle coaches, among a host of other technologies & concepts. This coupled with its state-of-the-art factory and overall profile of being a complete transport solutions provider, Volvo Buses is closely entwined with the progress in the Bus Industry. Volvo coaches today connect major cities across India, besides in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Volvo city buses operate in 13 cities in the country and have played a key role in Driving Quality of Life for millions of people. Volvo Buses in India has the widest range of high-performing buses. Globally, Volvo Bus is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of large buses and coaches. It is the first company in the world to commercially introduce hybrid buses and has sold over 1,000 buses with this technology in 21 countries, backed by its core values of safety, quality and care for the environment.