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With 15 cities already, Volvo has the widest spread of Low-Entry City Buses in India.

A key role ahead to sustainable transport is that more and more people adopt public transport. As a result this means reduced engines on road –reduced emissions, fuel consumed. Reduced number of vehicles also means reduced congestion and reduced safety risks. This is the reason why cities chose Volvo City Buses – to establish public transport as a no.1 choice. Already, 15 cities in India have embarked on this journey.

The new Volvo 8400 City bus meeting the UBS II specs is today bringing an even more enhanced experience to passengers in 2014. However, the story commenced in 2006 when Bangalore city took delivery of their first lot of 20 buses. Since then not only Bangalore city has been a role model in setting the public transport agenda in the country, but more and more cities have commenced this journey. There are currently 1200 Volvo City buses on-road.

Bangalore city was followed by the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad and Mysore. In the years 2008-09 when the first urban scheme was formulated for buses, many more cities joined in. In 2014 while the current cities are placing repeat orders, we see more new cities joining in. Most importantly, one is witnessing smaller cities showing readiness too, with cities such Sholapur and Puducherry already taking delivery of Volvo buses this year.

Volvo City buses have shown clear trend in weaning citizens away from their personal vehicles. If not for Volvo, these citizens would not take the bus. In Bangalore a survey indicated that majority of passengers had the option of personal travel.

Behind this is the experience the Volvo City Bus offers. The new Volvo 8400 city bus, built to meet the current Urban Bus Specifications comes with a host of new features, and enhances standards in safety, and passenger convenience & comfort. It offers the lowest level of noise, vibrations and harshness in the industry.

This includes features such as rear under-run protection; lateral protection; wider wheel chair ramps; walking stick/crutch holders for passengers with special needs; new high-comfort seats with headrest & greater reclining; automatic fire detection & suppression system in the engine area and finally on-board telematics for better passenger information systems.    The New Volvo 8400 city bus also meets the new Bus Body Code, IS14812 Rear Under-run Protection, IS4682 Lateral Protection.   

September 17, 2014

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