Volvo B380R

The markets safest chassis

The safest chassis on the road, designed with state-of-the-art technology. Ideal for medium and long-distance coach travel, where fuel efficiency and comfort are paramount. Available in 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations.

Electronic engine

Powerful 10.8-litre diesel engine, 370 Cv horsepower and 1785 Nm torque. A high-performance engine with low fuel consumption. Its engine fire sensors secure a safer journey.

A security benchmark

To honour its serious commitment with safety, the Volvo B380R model has a disc brake system and EBS5 to ensure high braking efficiency and immediate response. The air suspension system is electronically controlled to provide a smoother, steady and safe driving, no matter of the road conditions. If there is eminent risk of tip over, the ESP system is activate to move the vehicle back to its original path.

Volvo Engine Brake

VEB (Volvo Engine Brake), A Volvo exclusive brake motor, it reduces parts wearing and extends the service brake life. Its braking power can reach up to 390 Cv.

I-Shift gearbox

The exclusive and intelligent Volvo gearbox. The 12-gear I-Shift transmission changes gears automatically, providing more comfortable journeys, better performance, safety and low levels of fuel consumption.



We thought of everything in this chassis with a focus on security to make it the safest vehicle on the market.

Fuel efficiency

Save fuel in your journeys with the D11C engine, which has low fuel consumption no matter the amount of passengers and load transported.

Operational availability

Specialized services combined with Genuine Volvo Parts will keep your B380R with the highest level of uptime and running as new for several years.


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