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Volvo 9700 Equipment packages

Your Volvo 9700 can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs, and it has never been easier to do so. Here is a description of our packages, with features and services clustered to make your Volvo 9700 just the coach you want.

Efficiency Package

Improve efficiency and save fuel.

The Volvo 9700 can help you save lots of fuel. Smart features, connected services and professional driver training can save more than 10% of fuel. Long-term and starting from day one.


Chassis lowering. At cruising speed above 80 km/h the chassis is lowered, and lower air resistance reduces fuel consumption.

I-See. Learns the topography of a route and optimises driving with cruise control. Can cut fuel consumption by up to 2.5%.

I-Coaching. Gives the driver direct feedback on driving behaviour.Has been proven to cut fuel consumption as well as wear and tear.


Fleet Reports. Complete monitoring of your fleet and drivers.

Fuel Efficient Driving. Gives lasting fuel savings.

Coaching Zones. Drastically improves driving style.

Safety package

Increase safety and security.

Riding in a Volvo coach is probably the safest way to travel on the road. With our safety package you can offer your passengers top-level safety and security.


Tyre pressure monitoring. Minimise the risk of punctures and irregular road behaviour.

Reversing camera. Reduce risks for instance when parking.

Camera door 2. Adds to the driver’s visibility.

Fire suppression. In the unlikely event of an overheated component the automatic fire extinguisher is activated.

Anti-theft alarm. For your passengers’ peace of mind.


Safety Zones. A connected service which keeps track of operator- defined zones and their respective maximum speeds.
Alerts the driver and actively limits the coach’s speed.

Driver performance package

Perform at a higher level.

Everything starts with the driver. Safety, fuel consumption, passenger comfort and, ultimately, the vehicle’s lifecycle cost. Invest in your drivers’ performance.


Adaptive Cruise Control. Safer and smoother progress.

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS). Increases comfort and reduces stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Heated/electrically operated rear-view mirrors. Full visibility at all times.

Voltage converter. Enables use of 230 V-powered equipment.

Driver comfort package

Step up in driver comfort.

With a Volvo coach you offer your passengers a very high level of comfort. There’s no reason not to offer your driver the best.


Driver resting compartment. For longer routes.

Fridge in dashboard. Keeps a thirst-quencher within reach.

Safety box/waste box for driver. Keep the driver’s station tidy.

Central locking. Safe and convenient.

Media package

On your passengers’ wish list.

On any journey, passengers appreciate a good infotainment system. Add that extra edge with our media package.


Wi-Fi. Your passengers want to stay connected.

Sub-woofer. For a full and rich sound.

Flip-down 19” screens. Highest picture quality.

USB socket in passenger seats. Practical and convenient.

Road camera. Adds to the travel experience.

Passenger comfort package

For a superior travel experience.

Your passengers will appreciate the comfort of the new Volvo 9700. Add these details to complete the experience of comfort and convenience.


Service sets with individual air outlets and lights.

Flaps for luggage racks.

Pleated curtains.

Removable mats under seats on seat platforms.

Removable mat in luggage compartment.

Visibility package

Enhance visibility at night.

Visibility is top priority in safe driving. With this package you will give your drivers a clearer view and better control.


Bi-Xenon lights.

Static cornering lights.

Lamp above second door.

The Volvo 9700 specifications

It’s all in the details. Learn more about all the Volvo 9700 facts and figures.

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