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Volvo 9400 B11R Specifications

    Wheel Base 8260
    Width  2600
    Length 14500
    Height 3600
    Front track  2049
    Rear track 1834
    Ground Clearance 209
    Chassis Frame  All Steel, Ladder Type
    Turning Radius 11.40 m

    Electronically controlled BS VI Volvo D11K engine, features a turbocharger and intercooler backed by common rail technology. The engine offers a broad torque range as well as low fuel consumption and long service life. Volvo Engine (Exhaust) Brake, EBR - VEB. The engine also contains a dual fuel filter and water separator with heater and electrical primimg feature.


    Model  D11K430B EU VI TR25D
    Type  Direct injection, Diesel
    No. of cylinders 6
    Displacement  10.8 ltr
    Max. power 430 hp@ 1700 -1800 rpm
    Max. torque  2091Nm @ 1008 - 1400 rpm
    Emission Norm  BS VI OBD II
    GVW  22200
    FAW  7000
    RAW  15200
    Kerb weight with 90% fuel (with spare wheel, tools, etc.) 16450
    Gradeability  14.04 degrees

    I-Shift, AT2412F, is a 12-speed manual gearbox with an automatic gear changing system. It is a fast-responding gear changing system with minimum interruption in torque delivery during changes and wide ratio span. It is integrated with a compact retarder VR3250.

    Type Volvo I shift AT2412F
    No. of gears 12 forward & 4 reverse
    Retarder Hydrodynamic
    Front axle  Rigid, steerable and non- driven
    Rear axle  Rigid, non - steerable and driven
    Tag axle Rigid, steerable and non- driven
    Type Integral hydraulic power assisted steering
    Steering wheel diameter 500 mm

    The Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS) system provides extremely precise regulation of the ride height and very high level of comfort. Each air spring assembly is accompanied by a telescopic damper and an anti-roll bar is included in the rear and front suspension.

    Type Full air suspension
    No. of air bellows 2 at front + 4 at rear & 2 at tag axle
    Anti roll bar Front, tag & rear axle
    Shock absorbers  Telescopic type hydraulic, front , tag & rear axle
    Lifting mechanism  Electronic level control (part of the ECS), 03 positions ; Drive, lift & lower
    Tyre size
    295 / 80 R 22.5 18 PR
    152/149M, Tubeless Radials
    Rim size 8.25” x 22.5”
    Laden tyre pressure  
    Front  8.7 kg/cm2
    Rear  7.7 kg/cm2
    Tag 7 kg/cm2

    Electronic Braking System (EBS) with a pneumatic back up. The EBS control unit regulates the entire braking sequence and includes ABS. Dual circuit full air-disc brakes with EBS -Electronic Braking System.

    Anti-lock braking system Standard
    Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC) Standard
    Front  Disc brakes
    Rear  Disc brakes
    Parking brake  Air operated acting on rear wheels
    Hill Start Aid Standard (Automatic)
    Type  Reclining without calf-support-std
    Nos 55 seats w/o c/s + 1 Driver + 1 Co - Driver + RHS Rear Emergency Door
    Model  VFX09
    Nos  1 (Aluminium)
    Capacity  540 lt
    AdBlue Tank 64 ltr
    Body type Galvanized tubular structure with anti-corrosive paint for rust prevention
    Service door  Standard : 01 at front,710 mm width (Electro pneumatic)
    Interior flooring  Boiling water proof ply + FR grade
    Roof panel - Outer  GI sheet
    Interior flooring material  Antiskid vinyl flooring
    Outer Panel  Stainless Steel
    Roof lining  Soft fabric
    AC Duct Individual AC vents
    Side wall & Floor lining  Antiskid Vinyl
    Front windshield  Single piece, laminated
    Side window glass  Single piece, toughened
    Rear glass  on panel Single, toughened
    Outside Rear view mirrors Electrically adjustable
    Inside Rear view mirrors Manually operated
    Air conditioner  Main engine driven
    Luggage Compartment  12.5 m3
    System voltage  24 V
    Battery  2 x 12 V 105 Ah (Consumer) &
    2 x 12 V 35Ah ( I Start)
    Alternator 2 x 150 A
    Invertor  300 VA
    Dual Tone Horn 24 V (low-335 Hz, high - 450Hz)
    Head lights (Low beam, high beam and additional high beam 90 mm clear lens, halogen lamo
    End outline marker light  Front and rear
    Fog lamp  Front and rear
    Rear combination light Step + Position + Reverse +Indicator
    Side Direction Indicators  1 on each side
    Roof mounted lamps 1000 mm - 4 nos & 300 mm - 3 nos
    LED Destination Board 975 x 312 x 51 mm (1 front + 1 rear)
    Horn (electric)  Standard
    Reading lamp Standard
    Rear view camera Standard 1 no.
    Mobile Charging Point  One at every seat on both LHS and RHS

    The bus is equipped with the BEA2 BP (Bridge Plan) and electronic data bus system. It is also used for data transmission, bus system control, monitoring and coordination of all devices installed on the bus, besides providing diagnostic information for the driver and workshop.

    Television Automotive grade, 24” LCD, foldable with USB and HDMI port
    Amplifier Standard
    DVD with FM  Standard
    Speaker  One above every twin seat
    Mic Standard
    Emergency cut-off switch Standard
    Hooter & blinker switch Standard
    Emergency Light Battery  2 x 12 V 5Ah
    Emergency exit  1 at RHS rear with collapsible steps -Standard. All Side Window Glasses
    with Breakable safety glass
    Emergency hammers  Standard (for all side windows)
    Roof escape hatches  Standard - 2 nos (1 front + 1 rear)
    Emergency switches for service door Both inside and outside
    Speed Limiter  Standard
    Self illuminating decals  Standard (on all emergency exits, gangway, hammer positions & fire
    Seat Belt Driver Co-Driver (3P), First and
    last row (2P)
    Luggage Guard Emergency
    long hammers
    Engine Hatch Sensor Standard
    Fire Detection &
    Suppression System (FDSS)
    Engine Compartment
    Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) Standard with Emergency panic
    buttons at every 2 mts (LHS & RHS)
    Reverse Parking Assist Systems (RPAS) Standard
    Fire extinguisher  Standard - 2 nos (6 kg each)
    First Aid box Standard - 1 no
    P A System Standard - 1 no
    Side Under run Protection Device (SUPD) Yes
    Front Under run Protection System (FUPS) Yes
    Front Impact Protection System (FIPS) Yes
    Chemical Toilet  LHS middle
    Passenger seat belt  2-point
    Service Door  1 at middle (Electro pneumatic)
    Paint Metallic
    TV monitor  Middle
    Ice box  In Luggage compartment
    Seats With calf support
    Fuel Tank  600 ltr
    Fire Detection & Suppression System (FDSS) Luggage Compartment
    Volvo Fleet Management Service  

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