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Volvo 9600 Specifications

Dimensions and weights





Height(mm)38003800 (Seater) & 4000 (Sleeper)3800 (Seater) and 4000 (Sleeper) 
Permitted GVW*180001900022200

*GVW: Gross Vehicle Weight



 12.2 m13.5 m15 m
Emission standardBS VI BS VIBS VI
Diesel EngineD8K6300, Common rail direct injectionDBK6300, Common rail direct injectionDBK6350, Common rail direct injection
Output(KW)221 (296 hp) @ 2200 rpm221 (296 hp) @ 2200 rpm

258 (346hp) @ 2200 rpm
Torque(Nm)1200 at 1200- 1600 rpm1200 at 1200- 1600 rpm
1350 at 1200-1600 rpm
TransmissionSynchromesh manual gearbox (6F & 1R)*Synchromesh manual gearbox (6F & 1R)*I-Shift automated manual gearbox (12F & 4R}*
 *Available with integrated hydrodynamic retarder

Fuel tanks




Diesel (L)450540540
AdBlue (L)505050

Luggage Capacity

 12.2 m13.5 m15 m
Seater (m3)11.113.615.1
Sleeper (m3) 7.68.5

Axles,suspension and steering

Front axleRigid and steerable Rigid and steerableRigid and steerable
Rear axleSingle reduction hypoid axleSingle reduction hypoid axleSingle reduction hypoid axle
Tag axleNANARigid and steerable
SuspensionFull air suspension with electronic controlFull air suspension with electronic controlFull air suspension with electronic control
Power steeringHydraulic power assisted steeringHydraulic power assisted steeringHydraulic power assisted steering
Tyres295/ 80 R 22.5, 18 PR,Tubeless radial295/ 80 R 22.5, 18 PR,Tubeless radial295/ 80 R 22.5, 18 PR,Tubeless radial

Passenger Capacity





Seating Capacity (2X2)43+1(D)+1(CD)47+1(D)+1(CD)55+1(D)+1(CD)
 Without calf supportWithout calf supportWithout calf support
 39+ 1(D)+1(CD)43+ 1(D)+ 1(CD)51+1(D)+1(CD)
 With calf supportwith calf supportwith calf support
Sleeper berth capacity (2X1) 34 berth +1(D)+1(CD)40 berth +1(D)+ 1(CD)
  (2 levels)(2 levels)
   D:Driver; CD: Co-driver

Passenger experience

 Theatre type saloonFlat floor saloon
 Seating layout in 2x2 configuration Berths layout in 2x1 configuration
 Premium push back seatsSpacious and comfortable berths with back support and privacy curtains
 Individual USB charging portsIndividual USB charging ports
 Individual AC louvers and reading lightsIndividual AC louvers and reading lights
 Elegant trim and harmonic colour schemesChildren friendly soft-touch handles, ladders and restrainers without any metal surface exposed


Brake systemsElectronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC)
 Electronic Breaking System (EBS)
 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


Below are links to documents for more information on benefits, features, facts and figures.

Volvo 9600 Brochure Format PDF Size 9 MB
Volvo 9600s 15M Sleeper Format PDF Size 385 KB
Volvo 9600 15M Seater Format PDF Size 783 KB

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