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Volvo B11R Low Entry

Designed for premium business

There are passengers who settle for nothing than the best. The all new B11R Low Entry allows for higher capacity and could be built into double deck coach for up to 64 passengers. ​With the Volvo B11R Low Entry walkthrough gangway, you can specify the luxurious interior for an even more personal and comfortable experience on a double deck coach. 

The driver’s dream

The road handling and power resources make the Volvo B11R Low Entry simply great to drive. Everything in the driver’s area is set for superior ergonomics. The Steerable Tag Axle enables shorter turning radius and reduces tyre wear.

World-class safety

Safety is deep in the DNA of Volvo. Your drivers and passengers will benefit from safety features, like the Volvo Electronic Stability Program (ESP) i.e Roll-over protection, fifth generation EBS-controlled disc brakes with brake blending and ABS, in providing the vehicle’s predictable and consistent road behaviour.

Quality uptime

The Volvo B11R Low Entry shares its driveline with Volvo’s powerful truck range. You’ll benefit from proven reliability, service-friendly layout and trouble-free maintenance, features that help keep your vehicles on the road. Volvo is by your side all the way.

Environmental performance

At Volvo Buses we provide you environmental performance with a business upside. A fully integrated Volvo driveline means optimal efficiency, performance and low fuel consumption. Low fuel consumption also means low emissions


Powerful and fuel efficient engine

The B11R  Low Entry features a light weighted, powerful and fuel-efficient Volvo D11A 430hp engine with uncompromised power and performance, combined with Volvo I-Shift and a line-up of fuel-saving services. The chassis is also Equipped with turbocharger and intercooler to offer higher combustion pressure for increased power and performance

Enhanced driveability and maneuverability

Volvo Px suspension with steerable tag axle help take driving to the next level. This design provides a more comfortable, stable and smooth ride, make the tight turns, reversing and maneuverability in narrow spaces easier and reduce wear and tear.  Balanced “Volvo PX” suspension and structural rigidity make for a solid and pleasant passenger experience. 

Low maintenance and long life

The Volvo RS1228C rear axle with robustly dimensioned cogs, shafts and bearings secures a strong and compact construction with low weight and quiet operations. It is designed for longer life and easy serviceability.  The well matched gearing ratios allows for low fuel consumption, long service intervals and reducing running cost.

Fully integrated Volvo driveline

The 12-speed Volvo I-shift (AT2412F) mechanical gearbox, with an automatic gear changing system provides seamless selection of the appropriate gear in response to the operating conditions. The gearbox software is optimised for smooth, comfortable, quiet, fuel-efficient and easy drive. 


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