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Zone Management

Geofencing by Volvo

Volvo’s Zone Management is a development of geofencing. Instead of just following a vehicle and registering when it crosses a boundary, we can change parameters on-board the vehicle and control its behaviour inside a zone. You can define any number of zones and set a number of characteristics for each of them.

Towards automation

Automated services are an essential help for the driver, and for the operator in general, to cope with the increasing complexity and density of today’s traffic. Zone management promotes improved traffic safety as a main benefit by defining safety zones, but there are also other applications for improved driving style, passenger comfort and environmental performance. For instance, a speed limit can also substantially reduce the noise within a zone.

Managing zones

Volvo’s Zone Management is accessed via the Fleet Management user interface. Here, the administrator can define the geographical boundaries of any number of zones. To each zone, a set of parameters are set, such as a speed limit or threshold values for the I-Coaching service.

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