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Genuine Volvo Parts make the difference

Genuine Volvo Parts are original spare parts, identical to the components used when your bus and coach are built in our factories. Identical specs, identical testing – identical quality. The parts are made for each other, designed to function together, safely and reliably. That’s how Genuine Volvo Parts will protect your uptime and operational costs. And that’s a dimension of quality that cannot be copied.

New or Circular Parts?

As a Volvo owner you have the choice of new parts, Reman or Refurb parts. Regardless of which they fulfill their original specification. And since they are originally manufactured by Volvo they are truly Genuine Volvo Parts.

Parts warranty

Our spare parts come with a warranty. Regardless of whether you choose new or circular parts you get the same warranty. And for parts fitted by an authorized Volvo workshop, we extend our commitment to a full two-year warranty.

Global distribution

Our dealer network is supported by strategically located regional and central warehouses around the world. Via Logistics Partnership Agreement, LPA, dealer stock is automatically filled up to secure the parts availability.

Genuine parts – the difference between price and cost

With Volvo Genuine Parts you also get the core values of the Volvo brand. We produce all our components according to high standards of responsible sourcing of materials, sustainability and safety – in addition to the meticulous quality assurance. Counterfeit parts may look cheaper from the price tag, but in reality, consistent reliability and secured uptime is so much more important for the total life cycle cost. The cost of an unexpected breakdown instantly erases the supposed benefit of a reduced price. Let your Volvo remain a Volvo.

Circular parts – A sustainable choice

Volvo Reman and Volvo Refurb offers a wide range of remanufactured and refurbished Volvo parts, from complete engines down to individual components such as water pumps or starter motors. You’ll find everything from air compressors, control units, gearboxes and turbochargers to clutch kits and electromobility components. Simply put, it’s original quality at a good price.

Part of the lifecycle

The idea of circular spare parts is that we renew components due for replacement and literally makes them as good as new. The only difference compared with a new part is the price and the reduced environmental impact. Remanufacturing and refurbishment mean less use of raw materials and consumes less energy. Which also means a reduced carbon footprint. Volvo Reman Parts are remanufactured to their original specification, and they are even upgraded to the latest standards. The quality and functional requirements are exactly the same as for new parts, and they even carry the same warranty.

Volvo Reman or Volvo Refurb?

Both types of Volvo Circular Parts are treated according to their respective quality controlled processes. Included components subject to wear are replaced by new ones, to secure the same functionality as a new part. On the outside, a Reman Part has the appearance of a new part while a Refurb Part does not get any cosmetic reconditioning. Volvo Reman have the same durability as a new Volvo Genuine spare part while Volvo Refurb can have slightly lower durability. Still, both are covered by the same warranty as new spare parts. Availability of Volvo Refurb may be limited compared to new or Reman parts.

Volvo Reman Parts

Our 15-year parts supply promise

It doesn’t matter what Volvo bus or coach you drive, or when you bought it. Your uptime is our priority. That’s why we continue to make and supply vital parts for at least 15 years after a model has ceased production.

Fitted parts warranty

Genuine Volvo Parts are backed by a 2-year fitted parts warranty. If a part fails during the first 2 years due to a warrantable defect we’ll cover the repair or replacement of the part. The full warranty applies when the work is carried out by an authorized Volvo workshop. It covers repair or replacement of parts – and even consequential damages.

Maintaining Volvo Safety

Many spare parts are vital for the overall safety of your bus. Obviously, brakes and steering components requires quality of the highest standards, but it’s also a matter of compatibility and interaction. The EBS and ESP systems may, or may not, work properly if you choose counterfeit brake pads. And a no-name alternator will not necessarily interact correctly with your vehicle’s electrical control system, which can lead to malfunction and even damage.

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