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Volvo Buses announces launch of industry leading Volvo B11R and Volvo B8R buses in Indonesia.

At a special event on March 20th within Busworld South East Asia Exhibition 2019 in Jakarta, Volvo Buses officially launched the world renowned Volvo B11R and Volvo B8R chassis to the Indonesian bus market.
Volvo Buses Indonesia

“Indonesia is a very large and rapidly modernising market for buses. This brings a significant opportunity for bus operators and bus manufacturers to support the progress of land transportation through buses that are of high quality, safe and environmentally friendly. Volvo Buses is ideally suited to meet the demands of bus operators and passengers with a proven track record of over 90 years. Now, we are extremely excited to introduce our latest product, the Volvo B8R and Volvo B11R, in Indonesia. These buses have proven their performance with demanding customers in several countries and are sure to also meet the requirements of the Indonesian bus market” said Mr. Akash Passey, Senior Vice President of Volvo Buses responsible for Region International.

Since 2018, over a hundred Volvo B11R buses are operating as part of the TransJakarta Busway BRT system. This configuration, known locally as “maxibus” can comfortably accommodate up to 90 passengers and is very popular with users. “Volvo has extensive experience in Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) systems, since pioneering the concept over 40 years ago in Curitiba, Brazil. BRT is a proven high-capacity cost-effective mass transit solution; delivering metro rail equivalent performance at a fraction of the cost and complexity. Volvo Buses is honoured to be a part of TransJakarta Busway” said Akash Passey.

Volvo Buses featured two versions of their Volvo B11R chassis at Busworld – an ultra-high coach and a double decker coach, to meet varying requirements of long distance and inter-city transportation. The Volvo B11R with its 11-litre, 430 hp engine delivers ultimate performance and driver satisfaction.

Paired with Volvo Buses industry leading 12-speed I-Shift AMT transmission, which is optimised for coach touring, drivers are safely and effortlessly able to maintain speed while ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride for passengers.

Presented alongside was the Volvo B8RLE low-entry model. Ideal for growing cities, the Volvo B8RLE is suited for high passenger capacity routes needing quick entry and exit. The Volvo B8R range is designed to meet demands of city, inter-city and urban traffic applications. Fitted with the Volvo D8 engine - the most fuel efficient Volvo engine ever, the Volvo B8RLE has been designed to optimize total cost of operation.

Since the 1980’s, PT Indotruck Utama (ITU), a subsidiary of Indomobil Group, have been the sole distributor for Volvo Buses in Indonesia. With an extensive national service network, ITU strive to provide world-class service to keep operators up and running at all times. “Volvo Buses believe in the ability of ITU and are certain that they are the right distributor who represents the brand and values of Volvo. Their customer service and dealer network is extremely impressive and we are confident that they are the right partners to help increase Volvo bus sales in Indonesia.” says Akash Passey.

Volvo Buses look forward to building relationships with Indonesian bus operators and are focused on promoting the renowned quality and difference of Volvo Buses. 

For more information on Volvo Buses, please contact;

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