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Successful collaboration between Volvo Buses and Steady Safe in the operation of BRT in Jakarta

The 4th largest country in the world, Indonesia has more than 270 million people, consisting of 55% in urbanised areas and 66% as part of the working population. This means that Indonesia is a very large market for buses with great opportunities for bus operator and bus manufacturers to support the progress of land transportation through buses that are reliable, durable, safe, economical and environmentally friendly.
Volvo B11R


To help reduce rush hour traffic, the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Southeast Asia commenced operations on 15 January 2004. The system is considered as the first revolutionary public transit mode in the capital city of Indonesia, in which buses run in dedicated lanes, and ticket prices are subsidised by the regional government. TransJakarta, a provincially-owned corporation, has the world's longest BRT system (251.2 km), with about 3900 buses, operating from 5am to 10 pm. As of February 2020, it serves an average of over 1 million passengers on a daily basis. At present TransJakarta has 13 primary routes and ten cross-corridor routes. In addition, there are 18 "feeder" routes that serve beyond the exclusive busway corridors to satellite cities in Greater Jakarta.

With great enthusiasm, Volvo Buses presented their global BRT technology and experiences to the Indonesia public transport industry. The company has global experience in co-developing BRT systems for close to five decades and till today there are around 5,000 BRT buses in operation globally in 32 cities across 15 countries. On an average, these buses transport 12 million passengers per day. Since 2018, Volvo Buses has delivered a total of 119 units of B11Rs that are operated as part of Transjakarta Busway BRT system. The order was received through PT Indotruck Utama (ITU), the sole distributor for Volvo Buses in Indonesia.

First established in 2004, TransJakarta is the owner of BRT routes in Jakarta and manages the BRT corridor system. In its operation, TransJakarta is supported by several buses operating companies that manage the fleets serving each corridor. One such bus operator is PT. Steady Safe. Starting its commercial operations back in 1971, PT. Steady Safey is one of the public transportation companies engaged in the taxi and public bus transportation business, with operations covering the Jabodetabek area, which consists of four satellite cities around Jakarta.

“When we first launched our Volvo B11R BRT in Transjakarta’s corridor in March 2018, I was very much surprised and delighted to see the high enthusiasm of the lined-up passengers. We also noticed that the passengers would rather waiting in longer queues and purposely skip other bus brand in order to hop on our Volvo bus fleets. And it is still happening till today.” says Bpk. I Nyoman Suparta, operation head of PT. Steady Safe.

The Volvo B11R features 6x2 axles with full air suspension, 370 hp engine and 6-speed fully auto gearbox with built-in retarder. The buses also come with high flooring for better access through the elevated corridor. This configuration is known locally as “maxibus” and could accommodate up to 90 passengers.

“As a Steady Safe bus driver, I was very happy and excited when being assigned as a Volvo BRT bus driver. The driving control is light and very easy to maneuverer and the bus is very stable when changing directions. The braking system is reliable and precise. The Volvo bus provides me with great driving comfort and I never feel any driving fatigue even after a long working day”, shared Pak Bpk. Asrul, one of the bus captains for the Volvo B11R fleet.

Driver training for around 200 bus captains were conducted at Steady Safe covering both theoretical and practical knowledge and refreshment trainings are also carried out for drivers on a regular basis to ensure that the drivers maintain a high level of understanding of the advanced features of the Volvo buses and provide a safe and pleasant ride for all passengers. Besides driver trainings, experienced technicians are on standby at certain points along several BRT corridors to provide real time assistance and secure uptime of the buses.

To take care of the buses the best way possible, a 10 years gold service contract, which gives the highest level of protection and all-inclusive service plan, was signed between Steady Safe and Volvo Buses’ sole authorized dealer in Indonesia – PT. Indotruck Utama. A complete service team and spare parts department is available 24/7 at the Steady Safe bus depot to carry out preventive maintenance and repair services based on the scheduled service plan.

“With the industry leading products and years of global experience from Volvo Buses and the extensive, dedicated service support from our authorized dealer – PT Indotruck Utama, we are confident that the BRT model in the Indonesia public transport will set an example for any other markets who have the same need for an efficient and effective mass public transit.” summarized Himawan Kunto Dewoto, Country Directory of Volvo Buses Indonesia.

Volvo Buses would like to thank Transjakata and Steady Safe for the long lasting partnership and continuous support and trust. 

For more information on Volvo Buses, please contact:

PT Indotruck Utama (ITU)
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing KAV. 3A Semper Timur, Jakarta Utara, 14130
Phone: (+6221) 4412168



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