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Volvo Buses roll off local assembly production line in Indonesia with the official launch of the full Euro V product range

Volvo Buses announces PT National Assembler as its fully authorized chassis assembly factory in Indonesia and start of the production with the official launch of its full Euro V product range to the Indonesian bus market.
Volvo Buses roll off local assembly production line in Indonesia with the official launch of the full Euro V product range

JAKARTA: 15 December 2022 – Volvo Buses Indonesia, jointly with P.T Indo Truck Utama (ITU), our sole authorized distributor in Indonesia, launched today the Volvo Bus Euro 5 full product range and announced to officially appoint PT. National Assembler as the fully authorized assembly factory for Volvo Bus CKD operations in Indonesia. 

Currently, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry requires all vehicles to adhere to Euro 4 emission standards. As an industry leader with a longstanding history of innovation, Volvo Buses is taking extra steps and is proud to be the first in the market to introduce the full Euro V product range in Indonesia, offering superior emissions control technology and world-class fuel efficiency. 

“It’s a historic moment. The opening of the CKD plant in Indonesia shows our strong commitment to the Indonesian bus market and our full alignment with the local government’s direction towards a greener and more sustainable public transportation system with the upgrade of emission standards. At Volvo, environmental care is fundamental to how we do business and the launch of our Euro V product range in Indonesia is another step in our energy efficiency journey,” says Mats Nilsson, Director of Volvo Buses Asia Pacific Central Region, “We believe in sustainable transport solutions and we’re confident that our products, services and operations will lead the way in that direction.”

Volvo Group has had the Euro V products operating in many markets globally for over 17 years. In general, the Euro V engines have a lower fuel consumption than the equivalent Euro III units, which means that although total costs are roughly the same because of the need for AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid on the vehicle, the CO2 emissions are reduced with the lowering of fuel consumption. There is also the significant reduction in poisonous gases from the exhaust, which also reduces the environmental impact. The Euro V products continue Volvo’s focus on safety with a number of features, such as the well-recognized and welcomed Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and Electronic braking Systems, (EBS), which all come as standard on the chassis.

At the launch event, a line-up of the Euro V chassis: Volvo B11R and Volvo B8R newly assembled from PT National Assemblers’ factory were showcased. Earlier the year, the full engineering team from PT National Assemblers were invited to visit Volvo Buses manufacturing factory in Boras, Sweden, and completed a full week of competence transfer and learning programs in the Swedish factory. The team was trained and given hands-on opportunities to practice first-hand, both theoretically and practically. Upon starting of the assembly in Indonesia, a team of engineers from Volvo Buses factory in Boras, Sweden, flew over to the assembly factory in Jakarta to support and monitor on site of the first roll-off production to secure a complete competence transfer and to ensure that the local teams assemble the kits correctly and smoothly as per Volvo standards. 

Chassis line up

“Our team at National Assemblers received advanced training to assemble the new features connected to the Euro V specifications. Specialised trainings were also provided for road testers and product auditors to ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the assembly and QA processes,” explained Bambang Prijono, President and CEO of ITU. “Quality is one of the core values of Volvo, it is also the basis of everything we do in the Indomobil Group. From the design, manufacture, and test our vehicles, to the service, parts, and people, who support the customers and business partners.”

“The need for local assembly also arose to reduce the import duty that is applied to full imports. This allows Volvo the opportunity to offer the cleaner technology in a more competitive way,” comment Harry Iskandar, Country Manager of Volvo Buses Indonesia. 

PT. National Assemblers is a vehicle assembler, part of the Indomobil Group. Established since 30 October 1971, on Jl. Raya Bekasi km. 18 Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung, Indonesia.

  •  Plant manager: Mr. Salmen Ali
  • Number of employees (Dec 2022): 250 employees
  •  Models and variants 2022: B8R 4x2, B8RLE 4x2, B11R 6x2
  •  Awards and certificates: ISO9001
  •  Total capacity in the factory (per month): 60 buses/ 1 shift, 120 buses/ 2 shifts
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