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Volvo Buses Malaysia introduces the Volvo B11R Low Entry chassis

Volvo Buses Malaysia is proud to announce the launch of Volvo B11R Low Entry (B11RLE) chassis on Volvo Buses Customer Day at the Volvo Group Malaysia headquarters in Shah Alam. The new model is designed for premium double deck coach, and available for delivery from 2022.
Volvo B11RLE Chassis

To kick off 2022, Volvo Buses Malaysia had the greatest pleasure to invite its private coach customers and business partners to the Volvo Group Malaysia headquarters in Shah Alam, and officially launched its new model in the Malaysia market:  the Volvo B11R 6x2 Low Entry (B11RLE) chassis with walkthrough gangway. 

The event opened by a warm welcome and introduction from Country Manager of Volvo Buses Malaysia, Karen Tan, “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Volvo B11R 6x2 low entry chassis in Malaysia. The new model is specially designed to meet the operational need of the local market and Malaysia is the second market offering the Volvo B11RLE after United Kingdom. We see great potential for double deck buses in the Malaysia market, especially for express buses and premium tour buses”.

Karen Tan, Country Manager of Volvo Buses Malaysia

The newly launched Volvo B11RLE comes with the customized steerable tag axle, which helps enable shorter turning radius and reduces tires’ wear and tear. The specially designed low entry walk through gangway allows customer to specify the luxurious interior for an even more personal and comfortable experience. With the flexibility to extend the body-build up to 14.2 meters, the coach is king of the road, offering maximized passenger capacity and bigger luggage space.

Tuan Haji Che Ibrahim bin Che Ismail, President of Pertubuhan Pengusaha Bas Bumiputra Malaysia

The Volvo B11RLE combines the reliability and efficiency of Volvo’s standard B11R driveline with 11-liter engine that offers 430 hp, giving stronger power and better performance.  The new model is also equipped with Volvo’s legendary I-shift transmission, which combines smooth and silent shifting with fuel efficiency and ensures the engine run under optimized conditions,

The event at Volvo Group Malaysia headquarters showcased the new chassis, providing the customers with a first-hand experience of its features and a close view up in person, with a detailed product presentation conducted by Mr. Vikneswaran Subramaniam, Sales Manager of Volvo Buses Malaysia. The all-new Volvo B11RLE chassis is manufactured in Boras, Sweden and offered in Malaysia in Complete Knocked Down (CKD) form.

Customer walk around the chassis

Safety is one of Volvo’s core values, and it is deeply incorporated in all our products. The new Volvo B11RLE is equipped with advanced safety features, such as Volvo Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the fifth generation Electronic Braking System (EBS) with brake blending and ABS. Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) with retarder enhance the braking efficiency while reduce brake wear and contribute to a lower operating cost. The Volvo Hill Start Aid prevents the bus from moving backward when the bus is in the stop position going uphill.

2nd from right- Tuan Haji Mohd Kaharuddin bin Salleh, President of Persatuan Pengusaha Bas Ekspress Melayu Semenanjung Malaysia (PEMBAWA),  3rd from right- En. Wan Mohd Iskandar Bin Sal

It also comes with a range of Volvo service contracts and additional service offering options to ensure maximum efficiency, uptime and support for customers across Malaysia.

“We strongly believe that what the industry needs today is a bus that provides the best solutions to address the challenges that our bus operators face – shortage of drivers, the need to strike a balance between regulated bus fares versus increasing operating costs including fuel prices. With the Volvo B11R 6x2 Low Entry model, we provide a chassis that enhances safety and durability, reduces pollution and achieves an optimal operating costs solution,” says Karen