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Genuine Volvo Parts

Experience the genuine difference. It pays off.

A Genuine Volvo Part has exactly the same kind of quality as the original part fitted when the bus was built. Specifically developed to deliver long product life with full warranty, minimising trouble and ensuring maximum uptime.


Keep you safer

One of the most important reasons to stay Genuine is safety. Genuine Volvo Parts only have one quality level – and we maintain it by designing, monitoring, testing and retesting every part to the same high standard as the vehicle itself. All to ensure they comply with the renowned safety for which the Volvo brand is known worldwide.

Keep you fuel-efficient

Fitting the right parts not only contributes to a reliable operation. It also affects engine performance, fuel consumption and consequently CO2 and other emissions. If you fit Genuine Volvo Parts you know the result: maintained low fuel consumption, ensuring superior environmental performance with a clear business upside.

Keep you profitable

A counterfeit part may seem attractive, but does it really comply with Volvo tolerance margins? If not, the result is a poor fit, leading to increased wear. Genuine Volvo Parts are designed to ensure maximum uptime, fuel-efficiency and safety, which are key to being able to run a healthy and cost-efficient operation.


Volvo Parts online

As a Volvo owner you benefit from Volvo’s global service network and parts logistics. What’s more, it’s easy to find the parts you need online. Powerful search functions that include matching to the individual chassis number ensure you get exactly the right part for each of your vehicles.

Find the right parts – simple and swift

In our online parts catalogue you can search for parts for your specific vehicle, presented in detail and with exploded views. You can create and save your own personal list of frequently required parts so they can be easily ordered from your dealer. This includes reman parts, which are a great alternative, remanufactured to their original specification and competitively priced. In fact, the quality standards for remanufactured parts are exactly the same as for brand-new parts. And of course they are backed by the very same warranty.

Volvo Reman parts

Original quality at a good price

Volvo Reman is a system that offers a wide range of remanufactured Volvo parts, from complete engines down to individual components. You’ll find everything from air compressors, control units, gearboxes and turbochargers to clutch kits and unit injectors.

Part of the lifecycle

The Volvo Reman system takes old parts and literally makes them as good as new. The only difference compared with a new part is the price and the reduced environmental impact.

Volvo Reman Parts are remanufactured to their original specification, and they are even upgraded to the latest standards. The quality and functional requirements are exactly the same as for new parts, and they even carry the same warranty.

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